Woman Furious After Finding Out Her Ex-Boyfriend Named His Daughter After Her

Is he still not over her?

Man with his baby daughter Dusan Petkovic / Shutterstock

One woman was shocked to find out that her ex from high school named his daughter after her.

When she went to the British forum, “Mumsnet,” she shared her frustrations about her situation and asked people whether she was overreacting or not.

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She recently got back in touch with her ex from high school and realized that he is still as obnoxious as he had been before.


She wrote, “The man is even more of a bigger knob now than back then. He was bragging how ‘successful’ he was, talking about his big finance job, etc.”

The woman’s ex called her his ‘first love’ and let her know that he still checked her social media.

He proceeded to tell her how disappointed he had been when he found out that she had gotten married.

The woman was quite creeped out by her ex and later blocked him on any social media he followed her on and also blocked his number.

After several months without communicating, he sent her a friend request on Facebook — the woman accepted. 


She was shocked to see something on his profile about his daughter.

He gave his baby daughter the same name as the woman.

“I then see on a recent post he has a picture of his new baby daughter who has the same name as me! Spelt exact same way (it’s a unique name in this country and way of spelling it is also unique),” she wrote.

The woman had been furious at him and thought he had no right to do this.

She thought that he should have at least asked for her permission.

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Initially, she thought that it could have been a coincidence but ruled it out soon.


The woman explained, “It’s not a coincidence as he told me his children were named after his friends. His [daughter's] middle name is his [sister's] first name as well.”

She knew that her ex had done this on purpose and felt enraged.

She also felt bad for his wife as she now has a daughter who has the same name as her husband’s ex.

Internet users told the woman that she has no right over her name and that her ex can do what he wants with it.

One user wrote, “Because although it's your name, it doesn't belong solely to you and anyone could use it. Why would you think he'd need to ask permission?!”

Another user wrote, “Have you sole rights over your name? Had you not added him again you would have never known. Not sure what the big deal is. He sounds [like] a nob. Ignore, unfriend and move on.”


Other people also agreed that the woman had no right to be angry and added that the man was strange but that’s not her problem.

One person commented, “It’s weird and does imply he is still not over you, but that’s his issue (and his wife’s), not yours. Keep him blocked and think no more about it.”

“Given the context of him being a knob, his behavior isn’t as shocking as you make it out to be. However, you accepting him as a friend on [Facebook] knowing he’s a knob [is] very strange. You’re giving the actions of this man way too much headspace,” another person commented.


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