Wife Is Prepared To End Her Marriage After Discovering Two Tampons In Places They Don't Belong

She's driving herself crazy trying to figure it out.

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A 29-year-old woman recently told an unfinished story on Reddit in which she explained why a couple of tampons had placed her nearly five-year-long marriage at risk. After seven years and two children together, she claims that she had no reason to believe her 30-year-old husband would cheat on her — until now.

Though he often jokes about how they continue to be in the “honeymoon phase,” she has called their entire relationship into question after making a discovery inside his car while adjusting her daughter’s car seat — a tampon.


The woman discovered a tampon that wasn’t hers inside her husband’s car.

“When buckling our daughter into her car seat, I noticed something slotted between the cushions. I pulled it out and saw that it was a tampon,” she explained in her post. “This wouldn’t have been so unusual had I not had an IUD that has stopped my period for the past year, and I didn’t even recognize the wrapper style.”

When she brought it up to her husband, he shrugged it off and said that it probably belonged to his co-worker, a married woman named Fiona. Understanding that he often carpools with his coworkers for lunch, she decided to drop it until weeks later when they were out to dinner with Fiona and her husband.


woman considers ending marriage after finding tampons that aren't hers in her husband's carPhoto: Reddit

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“I had sincerely wanted to believe my husband. I just couldn’t get over the way it had been tucked in the seat and how my husband had seemed not to have any regard for it whatsoever,” she explained. Her doubt resulted in her faking an “emergency” during dinner, asking Fiona for a tampon — and she found the match.


Once again, she brushed the issue to the side, until it happened again on the morning she decided to post the original story on Reddit. “This time in my sock drawer. I feel physically ill at the thought of my husband having an affair and even more nauseated at the thought that the woman might have left these tampons out for me to find.”

After finding the second tampon, she discovered additional worrisome evidence that something was amiss.

She told them everything and consulted with them on what she should do and how to move forward, posting an update on the situation on Reddit. 

“My sister was convinced it was Fiona — either [sleeping with] my husband, [messing] with me, or both,” she explained. “My sister and I agreed that it was too soon for cameras without any other evidence, so it was just a waiting game from there.”

She would watch for any noticeable change in behavior, but nothing happened. She was ready to call off the “tampon fiasco” until her 2-year-old daughter grew ill. The illness wasn’t the problem, neither was her husband’s decision to call off from work to take care of her; the problem was what she came home to by the end of the week.


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“The toddler that I'd left that morning in an old PJ set was now dressed in a onesie I'd never seen before, with a tiny clip in her hair,” she revealed. “I can't say I have the sharpest memory, but I have a pretty good sense of what my kids wear on a day-to-day basis, and particularly what kinds of clothes they wear.”

She immediately confronted him. She knew that he never made purchasing decisions for their kids’ wardrobes, and it sure wasn’t something she would have ever dressed them in, but he denied being around anyone but her and the kids once again.

“With our daughter in the room and my emotions all over the place, I decided to leave it,” she wrote. “I couldn't make sense of it then, and it hardly seems clearer now, after I've driven myself half-crazy with explanations that aren't adding up.”


woman considers ending marriage after finding tampons that aren't hers in her husband's carPhoto: Reddit

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Everyone is invested in seeing out how the woman’s story ends — and there's a scientific reason why.

Commenters on both of her posts were engrossed in her story. “Can't wait for the season finale,” reads the top comment on the second post. Someone also replied, “The suspense is definitely building up with these latest clues alright,” before laying out three potential possibilities for entirely fictional storybook endings.


Even the woman who posted the stories joined in on the fun, referring to the “Hollywood horror” ending where the commenter claimed she “typed this out after escaping treatment from hallucinations and has imagined her whole entire family.”

“My money’s on the Hollywood horror ending. Hopefully dreamed up the dogs too so I can finally stop picking up their imaginary [poops] and whatnot,” she joked.

There’s something interesting about how engrossed people get in other people’s stories and lives. When there are so many twists, turns, and shocking revelations, it’s hard not to be enticed.

But, as it turns out, there’s a scientific reason for it — hearing stories like this raises our oxytocin levels.


According to an article published in the Harvard Business Review, oxytocin levels were shown to rise when people heard stories about characters they could empathize with or relate to. Furthermore, the amount of oxytocin produced changed based on how much people were willing to help others.

This could also explain why places like Reddit are filled with communities that continuously offer support, even if it’s only in the form of a comment. Everyone is invested in how the woman’s story ends because they want her to be happy — and we're not hoping for the Hollywood horror ending.

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