Wife Asked To Explain What She Does For Her Husband In Exchange For The $35,000 Ring He Bought Her — And Her Husband Steps In Like A 'True Man'

His response highlights respecting each other's essence and energy in a partnership

Vanessa Cazarez talking about a viral interview video about a $35000 ring @ieinbesties_

Vanessa Cazarez and Stephanie Ramirez are the duo that put the “I.E. In Besties” as per their podcast’s namesake. During a recent episode, the two women discussed a viral TikTok in which a man was asked how much he had paid for his wife’s engagement ring. 

Cazarez praised the woman in the video’s husband for the way he stepped up during the public street interview.

A man revealed that he paid $35,000 for his wife's engagement ring, prompting the interviewer to ask his wife what she offered in return.

By asking the man how much the ring was, the interviewer has already placed some kind of monetary value on the relationship between these strangers.


Incensed by the interviewer's audacity, Cazarez said “And then he freaking turns to her and was like, ‘Oh, you know he did that for you, what are you doing for him?’”



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Relationships are not transactional.

Money spent between partners should not place any kind of hold or pressure on the people involved to change the way they operate themselves. This woman shouldn’t have to do anything more than be a good partner — which should be the standard for any relationship — just because her husband decided he wanted to spend a lot of money on a ring, but that’s exactly why the interviewer asked this question.

Thankfully, the man recognized this and stepped in, which is why Cazarez gave him so many praises.

“I love the way he stepped in and he was like,” Cazarez opened before cutting to the clip. “I think I should answer that. I get a partner that's loyal, I get the mother of my children, I get the most beautiful woman that I've ever, you know, been around. And the most important thing is how she treats me and how she treats my family and how she treats her family. So for me, I have a partner for life and it's worth every investment there is.”

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Cazarez praised him for not mentioning anything that was materialistic.

At the end of the day, their relationship should not be about materialistic things — he bought her a $35,000 ring because he wanted to, because their relationship was worth it. Maybe he expresses his love in the form of purchasing expensive things or spoiling her — who knows!

“I love how none of the things he mentioned were materialistic,” Cazarez says. “It was like, I understand the value of a woman and what she is bringing to me in her essence and her energy, and she doesn't need to do anything physically for me as a man, you know?”

She called it "hot," and said it genuinely felt like he was being a "true man" by showing off his masculine energy by being protective of her and not letting this random stranger degrade her by asking these insensitive questions.

You can even see his wife's reaction to his words being so kind and touching. Maybe he even reassured her that she didn't owe him anything more just because he bought her an expensive ring.


Partners owe each other nothing but the pillars that make up a relationship. Placing a monetary value on the actions taken in your relationship turns it into a transactional relationship — love isn’t a business.

A true man stands up for his wife (even if she could have done so herself) because he’s not going to let the actions that he made out of love be twisted into some immature narrative for clicks on the internet.

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