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Viral TikTok Of Friend Group Ranked By Wealth Lists One Pal As ‘Broke Bobby’ Despite His $125k Salary

Photo: @tcruznc / TikTok
'Broke Bobby' Trending After Tiktoker Shows Off Friends Forbes List

In his now-viral video, Tiktok user Tom Cruz (@tcruznc) shows a spreadsheet that he and his friends made "a few years ago." 

While you'd think the top-earner of the list, Shawn, would make waves with his estimated $5M, Twitter's eyes are actually glued to the bottom of the list. There, sits 'Broke Bobby' with a projected yearly income of $125K. Twitter took note of the nickname and swiftly erupted. 

Why is 'Broke Bobby' trending on Twitter?

'Broke Bobby' began trending as Twitter users were shocked that Cruz's friend's $125,000 salary would classify him as broke. 


Cruz revealed Bobby's income in a neatly-organized spreadsheet that compiles information about each member of the friend group, noting their projected yearly incomes, vacation preferences, availability for travel, and even relationship statuses.

The spreadsheet is apparently used to plan group vacations as a way to ensure everyone's satisfaction.

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Cruz goes on to explain that the so-called "Forbes list" is reserved for friends who make 6 figures. In a follow up video, he answers a commenter's request to show off a list for "the friends at the bottom" by revealing a similar spreadsheet, only this time dubbed the "Welfare Ten." 

Twitter can't get enough of 'Broke Bobby.'

The memes and jokes soon flooded in about Bobby wealth. "Here I am tryna get Broke Bobby money," commented one Twitter user.

While some people are taking the Tiktok in stride and making memes about the whole thing, others aren't happy about Cruz's "wealth flaunting." 

"Imagine setting up a class system inside your friend group lmao," one user wrote

"I just want to know why his 3 richest friends are more inclined to spend less on a 3 day vs. a 7 day but it’s the opposite when you start looking from down the list, going up," another points out.

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'Broke Bobby' earns more than the average American. 

As of 2020, the average American worker typically makes $94,700 yearly. The lowest median American salary is estimated to be around $24,000.  

It's no surprise that Twitter's claws are coming out. The platform's "eat the rich" attitude is prevalent across users who often (and appropriately) critique lavish celebrity lifestyles and tone-deaf tweets. Just last year, Kim Kardashian was slammed by Twitter users when she tweeted about the horses she owned in the midst of a pandemic and unemployment crisis.

Similarly, Kaylen Ward became a 2020 icon when she raised half a million dollars in two days for the Australian wildfires. This news engulfed Twitter in a large debate as many people pointed out that even the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, donated far less to the cause. 

Who is 'Broke Bobby'?

In a few tweets, Cruz shared that Bobby "loves Nene from Housewives," and is a "lifestyle creep,"  which a quick Google search explains is basically a lifestyle inflation.

In other words, it's when someone starts spending more money once they've begun earning more. As for what Bobby works as, we're not yet sure. 

Chris K. is also making waves with his 70% single status. 

While no meme-worthy Bobby, Chris K. of the Forbes list is also raising eyebrows with his relationship status.

Most people are amused (and confused) by the odd specification, joking that we shouldn't "breeze" past that bit of juicy information. 

In fact, enough people were asking Cruz to explain the story behind it before he finally chimed in with a light-hearted tweet, explaining his relationship status. 

"30% of the time he has a girlfriend. Completely based on world code or area code," he wrote. Boy, do these guys seem to have a good time!

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