Juice WRLD’s Girlfriend Ally Lotti Recalls His Traumatizing Death & Life After His Passing

She is still heartbroken 2 years later.

Ally Lotti, Juice WRLD Instagram

Ally Lotti, the girlfriend of late rapper Juice WRLD, has sat down for an official interview about his death as part of a new HBO documentary, “Juice WRLD: Into The Abyss.” 

Since his untimely death on December 8, 2019, Lotti has been vocal about her grief and heartbreak, revealing letters sent to her by the rapper before his death and disclosing details about his drug overdose. 

In her brief on-screen interview, Lotti is visibly still dealing with grief over her boyfriend’s death.


Beloved by fans of the “Lucid Dreams” performer, Lotti is playing a vital role in keeping Juice WRLD’s legacy alive. 

Who is Juice WRLD’s girlfriend, Ally Lotti?

Ally Lotti is a popular model, social media star and Instagram influencer with over 1.7 million followers. 

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Her following exploded when she began dating the rapper, whose real name is Jarad Anthony Higgins. 


Ally Lotti is from New Jersey.

Lotti was raised in New Jersey before moving to Alabama as a teenager. She was born on May 28, 1993. She is mixed race, she has a Black father and her mom is Puerto Rican.

Lotti is 28-years-old. She was living in Memphis when she first met Juice WRLD.

Ally Lotti and Juice WRLD started dating in 2018.

The couple started dating when Lotti messaged Juice WRLD on Instagram a year before his death.

“Good music,” Juice recalled her saying in a 2019 interview. “Keep it up, kid.”

The pair instantly hit it off after meeting, spending just four days together before Lotti packed up her stuff and moved out to LA to be with the rapper. 


They made their relationship public in November 2018.

Ally Lotti stuck with Juice WRLD through his drug addiction.

The rapper had been vocal about substance abuse prior to his death, even thanking Lotti for supporting him.

Ally Lotti was present when Juice WRLD died.

Juice WRLD reportedly died of an accidental drug overdose at the Chicago Midway Airport.


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Lotti, who was present at the time of his death, has recalled watching the rapper convulsing as they and others were being held by police on the suspicion that they were allegedly in possession of contraband after their private jet landed at the airport. 

“I ran over screaming and trying to help him and no one f-cking helped,” she claimed in an Instagram live earlier this year. 


She did say one person administered narcan while Juice WRLD’s entourage were being held in handcuffs. 

Ally Lotti says she suffered a miscarriage after Juice WRLD’s death.

A year after his passing, Lotti shared a serious of now-deleted tweets in which she claimed she had suffered several miscarriages while dating rapper Juice WRLD.

"It's all he wanted," she said in a since-deleted tweet. "We worked a lot and it took a tol [sic] on my body I was always sick. Three miscarriages and after he passed away one more due to stress ... one of the first ppl to call me after he passed was my OB/GYN."

After his death, Ally Lotti shared letters Juice WRLD gave her.

She posted images of the love notes along with a screenshot of a text sent to her by the rapper. 


“I’ve been broken for so long without repair. You fixed me permanently. So I cannot let you out of my sight. You are my umbrella when it’s raining, you keep me dry from my own tears and the tears of the world,” he wrote. 


Where is Ally Lotti now? 

Lotti remains very active on social media, particularly her Instagram account. 

It appears that she is single and not dating anyone. She also appears to still be grieving her late boyfriend and she frequently posts tributes honoring his memory. 


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