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Starfire Is Juice Wrld's Ex-Girlfriend — And She's 'Not Okay' After The Rapper's Untimely Death

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Who Is Starfire? New Details On Juice Wrld's Ex-Girlfriend Who Tweeted That She Was 'Not Okay' After Rapper's Untimely Death

Who is Starfire? That's been the question on everyone's mind since her ex-boyfriend, Juice Wrld, died at the age of 21. At the time of his death, Starfire wasn't dating him, and they didn't seem to be on good terms, but she got a lot of attention because of a tweet she sent out shortly after his passing was announced.

So, who is she? What is she doing? And why did Juice Wrld and Starfire break up? 

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In the hip hop world, misogyny runs rampant. Groupies, drugs, and liquor are everywhere, and too many rappers are notorious for disrespecting women. But for a time, Starfire and Juice Wrld were the exception to the rule. They seemed to be truly in love, and they even lived together for a while.

Unlike what might be considered the "stereotypical rapper," Juice Wrld would sometimes take the time to write messages of love and support. And though he was struggling with addiction during their relationship, he promised her to "stay alive, even if it kills me" (sadly, it turned out to be a promise he couldn't keep). 

Starfire and Juice Wrld weren't together at the time of his death — he was with Ally Lotti — but obviously, his ex took his passing extremely hard and, as it turns out, her feelings are not unusual. So let's look at what we know about her.

1. Juice Wrld wrote "Love You Always (Starfire)" for her.

Women make amazing muses — and Starfire is no exception. Back when they were still "on good terms," Juice Wrld penned "Love You Always (Starfire)" for her. The lyrics are, on every level, loving and poetic, with Juice waxing fondly about how she's "lookin' cute" and how he "gave her his heart and it changed his life." Very sweet.


2. They lived together for a while.

Back in July 2018, Juice Wrld was reportedly "lavishing affection" on a woman some outlets merely called "Alexia" and identified as his girlfriend. Later, it was revealed that not only is Starfire's real name "Alexia," but they were actually living together for a period of time. (Some outlets actually incorrectly identified Juice Wrld's current girlfriend, Ally Lotti, as the "Alexia" in question.) 

3. Unfortunately, his relationship with Starfire ended and he took up with Lotti.

Even though Starfire was clearly a good influence on Juice Wrld's life — he wrote songs about her, he lived with her — they, unfortunately, broke up. In November 2018, Juice Wrld went "Instagram official" with his new girlfriend, Ally Lotti, who was his girlfriend at the time of his death. 

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4. Starfire subsequently said that Juice Wrld mistreated her — a claim he denied.

In a video that got deleted (and subsequently re-uploaded), Starfire claimed Juice Wrld cheated on her — but he defended his cheating ways claiming that he was mistreated by her, not the other way around. She also claimed he was "talking to another girl," and that he had "no excuses... except that he was an a-hole." 

This, of course, didn't go over well with Juice Wrld, who took to his Twitter and said that she "treated him like s**t" and speculated that people didn't know "half the stuff [he] was put through." Juice Wrld's girlfriend, Ally Lotti, also called her a "silly girl." So, yeah. That went over well. 

5. She tweeted after Juice Wrld's death was announced.

"Stop asking me if I'm okay. I'm not [expletive] okay."  It was the tweet heard 'round the world. Shortly after Juice Wrld's death, Starfire (under her real name, Alexia) took to Twitter to say, "stop asking me if I'm okay. I'm not [expletive] okay."

Many took that to mean that she was mourning the loss of her ex, Juice Wrld, and the condolences started coming in. She subsequently followed up that tweet with a retweet that said, "just because someone carries it well, does not mean that it isn't heavy," and followed that retweet up with another statement: "The pain won’t ever go away but I know one day the pain will transcend into a form that I can handle better. True pain never ends, just changes forms. The positive side is that love works the same way."

6. Even though Starfire has made a public statement about Juice Wrld's death, Ally Lotti has not.


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As of this writing, Ally Lotti has not made a public statement about Juice Wrld's death. However, Starfire — who is a musician in her own right — seems to be comfortable with speaking about Juice Wrld, and will obviously continue to do so. 

"All I can say is that I never stopped loving you any less," she wrote about Juice Wrld in a touching Instagram post. "You always said you wanted to change the world before you passed, and you did. You changed my world, your fans worlds and so many others. The second picture breaks my heart. You promised to stay alive for me... you were never good at keeping promises but that was just one of your flaws that made you, you. I’m going to make you a promise I won’t break. I will keep your name alive and so will your fans. We won’t let you die twice. 999. Forever."

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