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Eminem's Ex Kim Scott Accused Of Refusing To Pay For Twin Sister's Headstone After She Died Of Overdose In 2017

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Eminem, Kim Mathers, Dawn Scott

Eminem’s ex, Kim Mathers has come under fire for reportedly refusing to pay for her late twin sister's headstone.

Kim and Eminem are known for having their share of family drama, engaging in many public scraps over the years. But this time it seems to be Kim's side of the family that is airing out public drama.

The death of Kim's twin sister, Dawn Scott, has arisen tensions between relatives of Eminem's children. 

What happened to Kim Mathers's sister, Dawn Scott?

Dawn Scott died in 2016 of an apparent heroin overdose after a difficult childhood and adult life.

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As a teen, Eminem met his wife-to-be and her twin sister when they ran away from home at the age of 13 to escape their stepfather’s sexual abuse.

Eminem and Kim Mathers shared custody of Dawn Scott's daughter, Alaina.

In the 2000s, Eminem and Kim took in Alaina Scott, Dawn Scott's biological daughter and Kim's niece.

Eminem helped raise Alaina, who is now 28 years old, along with his own biological daughter, Hailie, and Kim's daughter from a relationship while she and the rapper were broken up, Stevie — born Whitney Scott.

Kim and Eminem first got married in 1999 but got divorced before getting married again in 2006, however, that didn’t work out either.

When the two got married for the second time, Eminem adopted Stevie and Alaina.

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Dawn had many issues regarding drug and alcohol addiction which made her unfit to take care of her daughter. Dawn gave birth to Alaina and her twin brother, Adam in 1993. 

Adam was born with a mental and physical disability because of Dawn’s drug addiction and has special needs. However, he lives with his father.

Dawn’s niece called out Kim on TikTok for not paying for her headstone.

When Dawn died, Kim didn't pay for her headstone and her grave remains unmarked.

Dawn’s niece, Janene Renee Tague recently posted a video on TikTok where she called out Kim for not paying for Dawn’s headstone. 



Tague felt that it was her responsibility as a sister to pay for Dawn’s headstone. Tague wrote in a caption on her video that she was unable to even find Dawn in the cemetery because of the unmarked grave. 

She also wrote that Kim’s net worth is around $2 million so paying for a headstone shouldn’t be a burden for her.

After calling Kim out, she asked Eminem to pay for the headstone as Dawn was his friend too. The caption reads, “It's Kim's responsibility, but I'm now asking Marshall."  

Tague also included that Kim had blocked her which prompted her to reach out to Eminem.

However, Eminem has yet to respond to Tague’s video.

Alaina Scott seems to be doing well in life.

While Alaina has been through quite a lot due to her mother, she didn’t follow in her footsteps.

She graduated from the University of Oakland with a degree in Public Relations. Despite the popularity of her adopted father, she lives a quiet and private life.

It seems despite her tragic past, she has turned her life for the better and is doing well for herself.

In December 2021, Alaina revealed she was engaged to her boyfriend, Matt Moeller.

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