Ted Cruz's Daughter's TikTok Goes Private After Her Sexuality, Music Preferences & Family Christmas Card Go Viral

Caroline Cruz is taking notes from Claudia Conway.

Caroline Cruz, Ted Cruz's daughter, on TikTok TikTok

The daughter of a Dallas County Judge went viral on TikTok for posting a video of a Christmas card sent by Ted Cruz and his family.

The video, which had received more than 2.2 million views at the time of this article, shows the Cruz family posing together on the front of the card with daughters Caroline, 13, and Catherine, 10, and holding their pets on the inside of the card.

But one of the daughters doesn’t look too happy.


Ted Cruz’s oldest daughter, Caroline Cruz, then went viral as a result of the Christmas card.

Caroline commented on the video with the Christmas card as the daughter who didn’t seem too happy to be there, and expressed how funny she thought the video was.


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According to Maddie Jenkins, daughter of Judge Clay Jenkins, she wasn’t supposed to post the Cruz Christmas card publicly, but was allowed to keep it up after Jenkins' dad found out that Caroline thought it was funny.

“Ok thank you so much for commenting because my dad saw it and the only reason I’m not in trouble is because you thought it was funny,” she replied to Caroline’s comment.

In the thread of comments, someone asked Caroline if she agreed with her father, a Texas senator widely known for his conservative views and support of Donald Trump, to which she replied “Not usually.”


In true TikTok fashion, fame quickly found Caroline Cruz and her TikTok, and, as such, she decided to post her own TikTok to welcome all her new followers.

Caroline made a pros and cons list as her first new TikTok since the viral video, and mentioned that, as a pro, they receive a lot of candy and gifts in the mail and get to travel a lot — like that time Cruz abandoned Texas in the middle of a snowstorm to go to Cancún and blamed his daughters.

One of the cons Caroline mentioned was that she needed to have security detail around with her wherever she went.


“If I want to go on a walk through the neighborhood or to my friend’s house or something, I have to have two security guards behind me the entire time,” she revealed.

She also mentioned that as Ted Cruz’s daughter, people judge her a lot based on his views, beliefs, and actions, but emphasizes that she “really disagree[s] with a lot of his views.”

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The Christmas card was also apparently edited to make Caroline’s shirt look longer than it really is because the shirt is actually a crop top.

In the photo, it looks like a regular shirt, keeping in line with the conservative views. Caroline explained that they edited her shirt and then showed an image of what the crop top actually looked like on the day of the photo shoot.


People started flocking to Caroline’s TikToks and asked her more and more questions.

One person asked about her TikTok bio that said Caroline self-identified as bisexual, and whether her father knew about it or not.

“I haven’t told him yet, I’m kind of nervous to, to be honest, but I don’t think he would be mad about it,” she said.


People also found out about her music taste and love her for being a Taylor Swift fan.

This was apparently the final straw because her TikTok account went private hours after all of this occurred, leaving many to speculate that Ted Cruz found out.


While many joke about Caroline and Kelly Anne Conway’s daughter, Claudia, who spoke out about her mother last year, being similar, the 13-year-old is likely going to stay under the radar for a while.

That's especially true if her father is the one behind her going private.


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