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All The Season 2 'Love Island' Couples Still Together

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The U.S. version of Love Island first premiered in July 2019, and the second season premiered in August of 2020. Now that we're through with the second season, many people are wondering if there are any Love Island couples still together.

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Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew

This couple was crowned as the winners of season two and they walked away with $100,000. They won over the hearts of both the American and British fans alike, becoming the first Black couple to win the show across the U.S., the U.K., and Australian versions of the show.

During the show, the couple had a shaky start. Justine was part of the original cast that entered on the first day and she eventually found what she was looking for in Caleb. Caleb was coupled with Justine’s villa BFF at first, but he eventually chose Justine.

After the show, they spent time together in Vegas and Justine is planning to move to Los Angeles to be closer to Caleb.

As of Caleb’s late October Instagram post, the couple is still going strong — so strong that he’s met Justine's parents.

Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks

The runner-up couple of season two is still going strong, despite the concerns of fans, family, and fellow islanders. 

During their time together on the show, they experienced quite a bit of trouble. The Casa Amor twist put a wrench in the relationship when newcomer Mercades came in and set her sights on Johnny. 

The couple managed to overcome the Casa Amor debacle and they claim the obstacle made them stronger. Johnny says in an interview, “The challenges and everything, they were so stressful to get through, but every single time we go through them it’s made me feel so much more confident and in me and Cely.”

The couple makes a long-distance relationship work as they live on opposite sides of the country. Johnny revealed that he’d be moving to Los Angeles with his two best friends and his sister and Cely plans to follow suit.

Laurel Goldman and Carrington Rodriguez


This kiss turned me and the car on. Oops

A post shared by Carrington Rodriguez (@c_rod003) on Oct 8, 2020 at 9:33am PDT

It took some time before the couple got together in the second season. Carrington drew attention to himself when he jumped from his partner, Kaitlynn, to newcomer Kierstan — it was quite an impulsive decision. The Casa Amor twist hit this couple quite hard when Carrington coupled up with Laurel.

Laurel and Carrington had their ups and downs and had fans at the edge of their seats. Carrington’s intentions were questioned as he began a connection with Lakeyn, a newcomer who ented the villa on Day 30. To everyone’s surprise, though, he decided to stick with Laurel during the last re-coupling ceremony. 

According to Instagram, the couple is still going strong. They are taking things one day at a time and they aren’t in a rush to live together as they have only known each other for less than a month.

The couple decided to go back to their hometowns and try a long-distance relationship. Carrington intends to travel to Alabama a couple of times a month to visit Laurel. 

The latest posts of the couple show them sharing a kiss in both a car and in a pool.


The Ken to my Barbie

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Moira Tumas and Calvin Cobb

The couple ended the season in third place of the second season and they kind of went M.I.A in regards to their relationship after the show.

Moira spent most of the season testing out new relationships. Her original partner was James McCool, then Calvin Cobb, and then Aaron Owen from the Casa Amor twist. Aaron couldn’t keep Moira’s attention, so she coupled with Connor, who ended up having feelings for another blonde. Moira went back to Calvin, and she spent the rest of the season with him.

The couple’s Instagram presence isn’t too active as they don’t post one another on their Instagram pages. They haven’t made the relationship Instagram official and Calvin avoided questions about his relationship with Moira during an Instagram Q&A session earlier this month. 

Moira posted that she would do a tell-all Instagram Q&A session of her own, but according to Screen Rant’s October 14 article, Moira hasn’t set a date for the tell-all Q&A session.

Lakeyn Call and Bennett Sipes

The couple made it to the final five of season two and they were voted off the “island” — Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas — and sent home packing. The final five couples had to vote off a couple that they felt was the least compatible. The elimination wasn’t shocking as the couple only knew each other for a couple of days when they decided to recouple.

Once they were voted off, they each shared a video of themselves at the airport. Lakeyn stated that she’d be seeing Bennett in two weeks. Bennett confirmed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the couple would continue their relationship outside of the villa and in the real world. 

Earlier this month, Lakeyn posted a group shot of her and some of the other girls from the season. In the caption, she shouted out Bennet, stating: “...wouldn’t have wanted to leave the villa with anyone else. This is definitely not the end…”

Mackenzie Dipman and Connor Trott

The couple got together on the first day and they fell into a serious relationship.

Casa Amor caused raucous in this relationship when Mackenzie’s affection was directed towards newcomer Jalen. Connor had remained loyal to Mackenzie and in return, he was left single when he came back to the main villa as Mackenzie had re-coupled. 

Mackenzie and Jalen didn’t last long and before Connor and Mackenzie could rekindle things, she was voted off the show. After Mackenzie’s departure, Connor coupled with Moira, though things didn’t turn romantic. Due to this, Connor was voted off the show and once he got home, he FaceTimed Mackenzie.

The couple was seen dining out with other contestants from both the first and second seasons. Connor also attended Mackenzie’s graduation ceremony and they jet-setted around the country. They traveled to Malibu, Marina Del Rey, and Rancho Mirage.

The couple has been boo’d up on the ‘gram and their latest came last week. They post each other regularly and they seem more in love in real life than they did in the villa.


4 weeks later...see you soon xx

A post shared by Mackenzie Dipman (@mackenziedipman) on Oct 23, 2020 at 1:12pm PDT

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