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Fans Think Liam Hemsworth's New Girlfriend Was Miley Cyrus' Backup Dancer After Photo Resurfaces

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Miley Cyrus, Gabriella Brooks, Liam Hemsworth

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted another possible connection between Miley Cyrus and Gabriella Brooks — and it doesn’t involve Liam Hemsworth.

Brooks has been dating Hemsworth since December 2019, mere months after he filed for divorce from Cyrus.

But, Hemsworth may not be Brooks’ only connection to the “Malibu” songstress.

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Fans think Gabriella Brooks was once Miley Cyrus’ backup dancer.

A photo is being shared by fans that shows a woman who looks uncannily like the Australian model standing behind Cyrus during a live performance back in 2014.

The shot appears to be from Capital FM’s Summertime Ball in London, where Cyrus performed following the release of her album Bangerz the previous year.

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At this time, Cyrus was also taking a break from her engagement to Hemsworth — whom she had been dating since 2009 — before they eventually reunited in 2016.

26-year-old Brooks grew up in Sydney but moved to London when she was 17 so she could have been living in the English capital at the time of the performance but she may have been a little young to be on Cyrus’ stage.

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The alleged connection between Cyrus and Brooks comes off the back of the Tennesse singer’s latest release.

Cyrus recently dropped “Flowers,” a song widely assumed to be about her split from Hemsworth — she even released the track on his birthday.



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Hence, fans of the former child star have been turning against her ex-husband, accusing him of cheating seemingly without evidence.

Brooks and Hemsworth, however, seem to be taking the scrutiny in their stride.

The model posted a birthday tribute to the 33-year-old actor on her Instagram stories, writing “It’s Liam day” alongside a photo of the “Hunger Games” star enjoying a dip in the ocean.

Hemsworth and Cyrus’ divorce was finalized in January 2020, just over a year after they tied the knot in their Nashville home.

Hemsworth spoke on their split for the first and last time in August 2019 via Instagram, writing:

“Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have recently separated and I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward.”

“This is a private matter and I have not made, nor will I be making, any comments to any journalists or media outlets.”

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