Pregnant Woman Looks For Advice After Her Unvaccinated In-Laws Cause Tensions In Her Marriage

She's keeping her distance.

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A pregnant woman posted on Reddit to ask people for their thoughts on her situation involving her unvaccinated in-laws.

The woman says her husband's sister is creating “the most trouble” she has ever had in her marriage ever since she learned she has not been vaccinated agaisnt COVID-19.

“My sister in law and her husband have not been vaccinated and we just found this out in the past couple of months,” she wrote. 


“They first claimed they were getting it done and even said they got their first shots. Turns out they never did and I found this out from my MIL after they both got covid.” 

Their unwillingness to get the COVID vaccine worries her. She feels her kids and she is more vulnerable to the virus.  

The mom has been keeping her kids away from her in-laws.

"We have a 2 year old and 4 year old and I’m 6 months pregnant so I have been cautious and safe this entire time," she wrote.

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So, she doesn't want to take any risks with the COVID virus and is keeping her distance from her in-laws. 


“I, like so many parents, have made sacrifices to keep our kids safe so I refuse to let them around unvaccinated family members now.” 

She even canceled family gatherings with the in-laws which just created conflicts between her husband and her.

“His family gets together every Sunday for dinner and we haven’t attended in a while now.”

But, this has started to get between her and her husband.

“According to them and even my husband now, I’m purposely keeping my children away from his family because I don’t like them,” she explains. 

She claims this is the most trouble they have had in their marriage. While the in-laws seem to be the main topic of the argument, the COVID-19 pandemic also plays a role.


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The woman is taking everything into account about what is going on around her, on the other hand, the husband is quite easy-going about the pandemic. 

Keya Murthy, a Clinical Hypnotherapist says, “The truth of today is like politics and religion the covid situation has created shifts in relationships wherever love doesn’t rule — including at home.”

The woman further wrote that she has had multiple fights with her husband and the in-laws. The in-laws keep blaming her and trying to convince her to let the kids see them.

“I am worn down by these fights with my husband and mostly his mom trying to convince me why I should just bring the kids around. I’ve ruined their holidays, according to them.” 


However, the woman just wants to be stern in her decision and keep her family safe. But, because of so much conflict, the woman wondered whether she was taking it too far, so she reached out to people on Reddit.

Many people commented in support of the pregnant woman.

People acknowledged the woman’s position as a mom and a pregnant woman. 

One user commented, “We have a newborn at home and are taking the same precautions. Stand your ground and go with your gut.”

Another person commented, “You are 100% right, not only do you have unvaccinated children to protect, but you’re PREGNANT! Pregnant women have such a higher risk of serious Covid.”


However, some people commented against the woman as well and claimed she was wrong.

“Vaccinated and unvaccinated people get Covid; if you’re vaccinated, then what are you worried about? What was the point of even getting the vaccine if you’re still going to live your life in fear of other people?” 

One user also addressed the problems in her marriage, “Regardless of who is right and who is wrong in this situation, you guys aren't on the same page. If he was 100% with you on this then it would be easy, a no brainer." 


They further suggested solutions for the couple’s fight, “But you and he aren't seeing eye to eye. I think you need to have a talk with him about this. Explain why you're concerned and that you don't feel comfortable putting your kids in that situation.”

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