Two Friends Joke That Their Dead Friend Is The 'Most Likely To Die Single' — 'I Hope My Friends Will Do This For Me Too'

For some people, dark humor is one of the most effective coping mechanisms.

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The loss of a close friend is a devastating event in anyone’s life, and they may struggle to find methods of coping and still incorporate them into their lives. One friend trio, who will forever be missing one, shared a piece of dark humor that shows the sweet way they will always include their friend who lost her life, and many people are praising their attitudes and mindsets through the unimaginable event. 


The two friends joke about how their deceased friend is ‘most likely to die single.’ 

In a TikTok video that has received nearly 40,000 views, Amber Hodgkins and her friends Melinda stand on either side of their dead best friend, Mercedes,’ headstone. The friends are playing a game of “Who is most likely to?” and are sure to let Mercedes (Sadie) in on the “saucy questions for the group chat.” 

The first question “Who is most likely to die single?” has Amber and Melinda shooting each other a mischievous glance while pointing at the headstone, implying that Mercedes did in fact die single. 




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Some of the other questions include, “Who is the alcoholic?” “Who is most likely to get scammed and not even know it?” “Who is most likely to become a model?” “Who would be the first to die in a zombie apocalypse?” etc. 

Although Sadie can not physically participate, Amber and Melinda ensure that she is still very much apart of the game and their lives. 

“We will always include you Sadie, no matter what!” Amber captions the video. “When we go on vacations, you come with us…. In ashes form now but you have been everywhere we have been!” 


“We still do videos with you, we still make jokes, we go to your grave and tell you how much we love you and how you make us mad for leaving us so soon, we still drive by your house, we sit at your grave sight for hours just talking and venting.” 

Amber shares that Sadie’s grave sight is her and the rest of their friends’ “safe spot” and a space where they will always feel her presence with them. 

“We miss you so much Sadie, I wish you were in this video pointing at us instead of us pointing at you like this,” she writes. 

Amber adds that Sadie would have appreciated their use of dark humor to help them deal with their loss. 


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Other TikTok users were touched by Amber and Melinda’s efforts to still include Sadie in their activities. 

“I hope my friends would do this for me too, I’m so sorry for your loss,” one user commented. 

“I actually find this really sweet! Sadly lots of young ones are forgotten! Keep her alive always,” another user wrote. 

“I am so sorry for your loss!! My name is Mercedes and I go by Sadie and I know she’s smiling down on this!! Don’t forget her!!” another user shared. 

According to Amber, Sadie’s life was cut short on May 15, 2020, after she was hit by a drunk driver. She claims that the two were “soul sisters.” 


“We did everything together,” Amber shared in another video. “We had our kids together. We started college together. We traveled together. We were supposed to do so much together.” 



She has made a promise to her best friend to scatter her ashes around the world in her memory. 

Using dark humor has been proven help people through feelings of grief.

While grieving the loss of a loved one can be filled with feelings of sorrow and despair, the process can also involve jokes and humor. In fact, using dark humor as a way to cope has been proven to alleviate the intense pain associated with grief and can help people find happiness again after a loss. 


“When someone is experiencing grief or loss, everything seems gray. Laughter allows you to step outside of yourself, even if only temporarily, and feel more like yourself,” Master Social Worker, Adina Mahalli, explained to Thriveworks. “It’s not a distraction as much as it’s a way to provide a fleeting moment of perspective.” 

However, this does not mean that it is wrong to refrain from turning to dark humor while grieving. Grief is complex, and everyone experiences and processes their emotions differently. 

For Amber and her friends, dark humor has been an effective coping mechanism, and we are sure that Sadie is smiling down on them, laughing along with all of their jokes. 

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