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Theorists Think Jada Pinkett-Smith Doesn’t Have Alopecia As Surgeon Suggests She’s Hiding A Plastic Surgery Scar

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Jada Pinkett Smith

A viral TikTok on the account JC The Catalyst claims that Jada Pinkett-Smith, Will Smith’s wife and the target of Chris Rock’s infamous joke at the Oscars, doesn't even have alopecia.

Instead of having alopecia areata, the hair loss disease, this TikToker suggests that Jada’s hair loss was the result of some sort of plastic surgery mishap.

The theory suggests Jada Pinkett-Smith is using alopecia to hide her plastic surgery.

The theory is circulating after the release of a TikTok video which includes footage from a video made by a hair restoration surgeon named Dr. Gary Linkov in which he discusses Pinkett's alopecia.

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In the TikTok, which has received over 1.2 million views, the snippet of one of his videos addresses the scar that’s on the top of her head that she has pointed out on social media numerous times.



“I think it’s a bit too linear to be alopecia areata,” he says. “I’ve never seen something looking like that that is alopecia areata.”

The way the footage has been edited makes it appear as if Linkov is questioning whether Pinkett has alopecia, which he is not. He is simply noting that her scar is likely not a result of her condition.

In Linkov's original video, goes on to say that there isn’t a single hair loss disease that he knows of that could even cause such a linear scar marking the loss of hair.

Linkov speculates that Jada Pinkett-Smith got a brow lift.

“I think Jada may have had — again, purely speculative, I could be wrong — she may have had a coronal brow lift,” he explains.

The purpose of this traditional brow lift procedure is to remove any sagging skin from the brow by pulling it back towards the top of your head.

The incision is typically made exactly where Pinkett’s scar rests, so this theory isn’t farfetched in the slightest.

Linkov makes it a point to clear up any confusion about what he’s saying being the truth, it’s purely speculation, but he also says she might not have known that this scar was a result of some sort of procedure from her past.

“She may have not seen it for a long, long time until her hair loss became worse,” he reasons. “So she may have just had hair covering up that scar and as her hair loss worsened, it may have revealed that scar. So she may have been totally shocked.”

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He doesn’t, however, discount that she might have some sort of hair loss disease.

Earlier in the video, he explains that there are three potential explanations for her hair loss.

“There’s probably some degree of Traction Alopecia that’s happened over time,” Linkov says.

Traction Alopecia happens when the hair is put into very tight hairstyles that pull on the hair follicles and cause them to die out.

Jada has put her hair in many of these different styles over time, so it could be one possible cause of her hair loss.

“I also think that she may have Chronic Telogen Effluveum,” he continues, stating that it’s worse in situations like Covid because there are links between long Covid and Chronic Telogen Effluveum.

This disease is characterized by severe shedding in the early stages followed by a more gradual diffuse hair loss.

When she first discussed her hair loss struggles, Pinkett recalled pulling entire clumps of hair from her head, striking fear into her.

“And I think she may have some component of Androgenic Alopecia,” the most common form of hair loss in women and men, according to Dr. Linkov.

While Dr. Linkov doesn’t discount the fact that she is struggling with some sort of hair loss disease, conspiracy theorists on TikTok like JC The Catalyst will claim that she never had it in the first place and instead blame her hair loss on some sort of cosmetic procedure. 

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