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6 Celebrities Who Admit To Using The Law Of Assumption To Manifest Their Reality

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Kim Kardashian, Tyler The Creator, and Jennifer Lopez.

Whether about health, love, or fame, many of us spend a great deal of time drafting goals and setting resolutions to achieve our “dream life.” But, what if it’s much easier to achieve than that? What if all it takes is simply believing it’s already happened? 

That’s essentially what the Law of Assumption entails — believing whatever you want in life already exists and is destined to find you.

While it seems too simple to be true, many celebrities admit they’ve used this manifestation law to bring popularity and fortune into their own lives. Leila, known as @loassbambi on X, rounded up these infamous celebrities, pinpointing how they’ve used this law to manifest their celebrity status, breaking stereotypes of traditional “rises to fame.”

Here are the 6 celebrities who admit to using the Law of Assumption to manifest their realities.

1. Kim Kardashian 

Iconic fashion maven, brand cultivator and ultra-star Kim Kardashian has never failed to make headlines — at all stages in her career. While her superstar family and hardworking “mom-ager” is surely to credit for her massive success, a 90s video of kiddie Kim subtly points to manifestation as a factor in her current claims to fame. 

“When I’m famous,” 13-year-old Kim says in a resurfaced home video, “remember me as this beautiful little girl.” 

Beyond her simple statement as a kid, Kim’s been nothing short of clear about what she envisioned her future as, writing Instagram captions full of dreams about photoshoots, magazine features, and fame. 

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2. Ariana Grande

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon from November 2021, Grande admitted she likely has some sort of “manifesting gift," as many of her achievements have been a result of her “wishing” them to happen and believing it will. 

“My mom always taught me that if I want something, it can happen,” Grande said. “It’s always possible…in a way that’s manifestation. You think about it like it’s already there — and then it is.” 

As a young girl, Grande recalls picking up the phone and calling “Universal Studios,” asking them to cast her in a show. While they were skeptical of her age and ultimately hung up the phone, it was this belief in her own success that sparked her hit television roles not long after. 

3. Kendall Jenner 

The Kardashian family is one that knows what they want, and even knew as children — Jenner is no exception. In a Jimmy Fallon interview from September 2017, Fallon revealed a letter that Jenner wrote to herself over 10 years earlier. 

Not only was this letter hoping that “old Kendall” would be happy, she specifically wanted to be “a big time model and to travel to really cool places — I hope it happens,” she added. Surely, her younger self would be proud – although she spoke it into existence early. 

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4. Jennifer Lopez

Affirmations, otherwise known as self-directed statements intended to boost confidence, can be pivotal to the Law of Assumption. If we look in the mirror every morning and say, “I am beautiful, my career has grown immensely, and my family is healthy,” your statements shift into reality. 

This is exactly the way that J Lo has said she’s maintained “her happiness” — building it in herself first, to later share with the people she loves. 



“I’ve done affirmations for a long, long time,” Lopez said in an interview with Oprah. “I believe that your thoughts create your life…I do a lot of affirmations: ‘I’m open and receptive to all the goodness and abundance that the Universe has to offer’, ‘I am in perfect health’, ‘My children are in perfect health'.”  

5. Will Smith

In a 2021 episode of Jay Shetty’s “On Purpose" podcast, Smith shared exactly the ways he believes you can radically change when you adopt manifestation techniques into your life. 

“Most people can’t sustain the mindset..that level of discipline to manifest the things they want in their life,” Smith shared. “There’s a poisonous edge to that discipline…when you use that kind of power to achieve things, there’s a brutal reckoning.” 

It’s this mindset of believing you can achieve your wildest goals — truly believing it — that can be "brutal" at some point, as Smith mentioned. When we tell ourselves we’re unworthy, when we tell ourselves we can’t achieve greatness — we manifest it in the same way we do the “good.”

It’s this mindset, sparked by the belief of his grandmother at a young age, that gave Smith the ability to believe in his own success — which clearly, he achieved. 

6. Tyler the Creator

“Hey, the world is yours,” Tyler wrote in a Tweet from 2013 — just a few years before his massive stardom erupted. “Your imagination can take you wherever you want to go if you trust yourself and go 110%. Trust my words.” 

This “Call My If You Get Lost” and “Igor” super-star singer has gained an incredible following of fans in recent years — all of which are rooted in his incredible lyricism, eccentric fashion brand “Golf Wang” and hilarious online persona. However, his stardom erupted years after he made his first song, fueled by his mantra above and “go-getter” attitude that he could achieve whatever he wanted to. He paved his own way into the music industry, solely by believing in his right to be in it — and that fame has only grown larger since. 

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