The Question Interviewers Are Asking To Test Emotional Intelligence — Only 1 Out Of 100 People Get It Right

The answer may surprise you.

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Preparing for a job interview is no cakewalk, and there are arguably a number of things people worry about in terms of job qualifications. Experience, adaptability, communication skills and the like are all important attributes employers look out for in a candidate. 

For the most part, employers also seek out candidates with a personality that will mesh well with the team, and much of this is done through a series of questions that offer meaningful insight into their level of emotional intelligence.


A high level of emotional intelligence requires the ability to effectively comprehend and express one’s own emotions while having the skill to recognize and respond to that of others. This can prove invaluable in professional settings, and employers use this approach in interviews to assess whether a candidate can navigate social interactions and build positive relationships in the workplace.

Employers are using a specific interview question to determine your level of emotional intelligence.

In a TikTok video, life coach says to answer the following question by gut instinct in order to test out your level of emotional intelligence. Though, unlike other personality tests, there actually is a right answer if you’re trying to ace that job interview — and only 1 out of 100 people answer it correctly.




Pretend you’re a man driving a two-seater convertible.

You’re sitting in an expensive luxury car of your choosing, and as you’re driving down the road you pass by a bus stop occupied by three people waiting for the next bus.

The first person you see is a beautiful woman.

Upon first glance, you notice the most beautiful woman waiting at the bus stop. So beautiful that you can’t help but think it’s love at first sight. You’re so enamored by this person that you can even picture yourself marrying her and having children together.

The next person you see is a man carrying a briefcase.

Next to the woman is a man carrying a briefcase who’s desperate to get to an important job interview. His entire future rests on the outcome of this interview; if he fails to make it on time then he and his family will be at risk of losing everything they own.


The third person you see is very sick and needs medical help.

Among the three travelers, the final person waiting at the bus stop may be on the verge of death and urgently needs to get themselves into a hospital. If they don’t get checked in soon, things may not turn out well for them.

What is the correct answer?

Given all of this information, what do you do? In a separate video, TikToker shares the answer to the interview question that 99% of people got wrong.



While most people would answer that the right thing to do would be to first and foremost take the sick person to the hospital, this course of action is rooted in logic rather than in emotional intelligence. 


The true answer to the question would be to give up your two-seater convertible to the person on his way to a job interview, and let them drive the sick person to the hospital. In turn, you would stay behind at the bus stop with the woman who might just be the love of your life. 

Your emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) differs from that of your intelligence quotient (IQ), which accounts for your ability to logically solve problems. Although using an intellectual approach can prove fruitful in many aspects of life, relying on this method often leads a person to gear towards the “right” thing to do without anticipating the repercussions, especially in social environments. 

In other words, your IQ can arguably pave the way to landing you job opportunities, but it’s your emotional intelligence that will help you maintain lasting relationships; more importantly, it’s what will keep your seat at the office.


As the user states, “True emotional intelligence is about doing something where everyone wins.”

If you didn't get the "right" answer, don't feel bad. Like stated above only 1 in 100 people do. That just means you have many people who you are like-minded with. Plus, if you chose to take the sick man to the hospital you're a good person. Period.

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