Pregnant Woman Receives Heavy Criticism After Claiming That All She Wants Is A 'Healthy Baby' & Doesn't Care About The Gender

Her desire for a healthy baby sparked backlash from people, who claimed she was being insensitive to parents with disabled children.

Kimberly Lecuyer @kimperryco / Instagram / @kevonstagetiktok / TikTok

A mother's innocent admission that she shared with her social media followers about her pregnancy has quickly turned messy, with people accusing her of being "insensitive" and "cruel."

Posting to her Instagram account, Kimberly Lecuyer, a 34-year-old fit pregnancy coach and influencer, explained that all she wants is to have a safe and healthy delivery for the birth of her fourth child — which apparently didn't sit well with some of her followers.


She admitted that all she cares about is having a healthy baby, not the baby's gender.

Lecuyer, who is a mom to three girls, announced to her Instagram followers at the beginning of August 2023 that she and her husband were having their fourth baby. The exciting news prompted many people to hope that Lecuyer would finally have a boy to balance out having three daughters.

In response, Lecuyer candidly shared what she thinks about the people who wish for her to have a boy, admitting that she honestly doesn't care about the baby's gender at all.

"Ignoring everyone who says 'it better be a boy this time' and just praying for a healthy baby," Lecuyer wrote in overlay text in an Instagram video. In the caption of the post, the mom-of-four explained that while she would be happy with a boy and wouldn't be mad if she and her husband were having another girl, for her, the most important thing is being able to have a healthy baby when it comes time for her to deliver.


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"Healthy Baby is the goal," Lecuyer wrote. "I’ve heard a lot of people talk about gender disappointment and I know the feeling… There seems to be so much pressure to have a boy (or maybe in your case, a girl), either way, can we just start celebrating the new life about to come into the world?!"


However, it seems her honest admission ended up being a beacon for trolls, who flooded her comments with nasty messages about the lack of concern she has for other parents of "unhealthy" babies.

Lecuyer received major criticism from her followers who accused her of being inconsiderate.

In a TikTok video, a content creator named Kevin Fredericks called out the negativity that Lecuyer was receiving and pointed out that wishing for a healthy baby is a normal thing that many new parents often say and shouldn't be made into something bad.

"There is nothing you can say on the internet that somebody can't make negative, and there's nothing you can say on the internet that somebody can then put words in your mouth and say something you did not say," Fredericks began in his video.



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He showed screenshots of some of the unpleasant comments Lecuyer had received, including accusations that she was being "ableist" and claims from other moms of "unhealthy" babies that they are worthy of love just the same as "healthy" children are.

"Mom of an unhealthy kid here to say that those babies are equally valuable and worthy of love,” one comment read, to which Lecuyer responded with heartfelt support and compassion, wishing the mother “so much love.”

Lecuyer's response generated even more criticism, with another commenter saying, “Not sure what you mean by sending her love when you just insulted her child for not being healthy.”

The amount of negativity generated by such a harmless post is astonishing.

All Lecuyer was saying was that she wanted a healthy baby for herself, and she isn't the slightest bit ableist for expressing the quite normal desire of many other parents who wish for a healthy baby.


In childbirth, there is a possibility of many things happening that could affect the baby and the mother, but wishing for a healthy baby doesn't necessarily imply that Lecuyer views disability negatively or would love her child any less if they were born with a disability.

The online backlash she faced highlights the importance of approaching statements like that with understanding and context, rather than making unfounded accusations. 

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