Mom Who Does Pole Dancing Shares Video Of Her Toddler Covering Up Her Baby Doll Before Practicing On The Pole Herself

"A single mom who works two jobs, who loves her kids and never stops..."

toddler dancing on pole @lyssa_delrey / TikTok

People on the internet can be notoriously quick to judge, especially when it comes to parenting. In some cases, though, a lighthearted video lands with the right audience and is received purely as it’s intended.

One adorable video of a little girl taking an interest in her mom’s hobby went viral — and refreshingly, didn’t generate the outrage one may have come to expect.

A TikTok of a little girl covering up her baby doll before playing on her mom’s pole dancing equipment had people in tears.

A video posted by a woman named Lyssa (@lyssa_delrey) garnered millions of views and likes. In it, a toddler — presumably Lyssa’s daughter — lays a towel over her baby doll before swinging around on her mom’s pole while “I’m A Survivor” by Reba McEntire plays in the background.


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While it would unfortunately not be surprising to see hundreds of hateful comments on a video of a child around their mom’s pole dancing equipment, thankfully, the comments on Lyssa’s video are positive overall.


“Mom by day dancer by night,” one user said. “Don’t look, baby,” “You don’t need to see this,” and “Go to sleep” were popular comments.

The creator of the video praised her daughter’s efforts in a reply, saying “Went to great lengths to make sure baby didn’t see. Face down and blanket too…just in case.”

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Another user added “Best mother on TikTok, she waits till her baby’s asleep to go to work and provide.” One joked, “Baby went to sleep at 5 and she was at work by 5:01.”

Pole dancing isn’t shameful, to begin with, and there’s obviously nothing wrong with a kid messing around by swinging on a pole.

However, people found it hilarious that the girl thought to cover her doll up first. Maybe the mom had tried to keep her daughter from watching her dance, or the girl had otherwise been taught that pole activities are generally considered more private — or perhaps it was just a coincidence.


Either way, thousands of people in the comments section were cracking jokes.

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Most of the comments were of a similar nature — the girl “working hard” to provide for her baby while “protecting its innocence,” although the toddler in the video would almost certainly have no idea why anyone would consider pole dancing shameful, embarrassing, or inappropriate for a kid to see.

If there’s one guarantee in life, it’s that kids will find the most ridiculous, unexpected ways to surprise (and often embarrass!) their parents. In Lyssa’s case, it was nice to see her video met with laughter instead of accusations of being a bad mother, or any other hateful comments women are frequently met with when posting literally anything online.


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