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Nurse Warns Married Men About Their Relationships By Sharing The 2 Things He Learned Working In A Male Hospital Ward

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There seems to be an alarming trend of men dying alone while women are nurtured and cared for by family and friends until it’s their time to go. Not only are men living out their final days alone, but with fewer children and friends to visit them and care for them, loneliness is a major risk factor in their premature demise.

There are several hypotheses on why men are less loved and cherished than women are as they age, but a male nurse used his experience to explain what is driving the increase in men being left alone as their health starts to decline and their lives slip away.

The male nurse shared two vital warnings for men to heed before they fall ill.

In a TikTok slideshow, a man named Abdullah, who purports to be a male nurse, shared two things he's learned over his "two years working as a nurse in a male ward,” advice meant to wake men up to the way they treat the people in their lives which can affect who'll be there for them as they age.

1. Should a married man get sick, the only person he can count on to stay at his bedside will be his wife.

You might be thinking, “What about his kids?” But no. According to the nurse, a man’s kids may show up from time to time, but they certainly will not make him a priority in their lives like his wife will. The same goes for siblings and friends. Everyone has their own life to live and will put him on the back burner. His wife, on the other hand, will be deeply invested until the end.

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2. The way a man treats his wife in the good times will determine how she treats him when he's at his worst.

According to Abdullah, wives who have been treated well by their partners do whatever it takes to help them recover. They make phone calls, tearfully protest, and do the impossible in hopes of healing their ailing husband.

But the women who have been mistreated and mishandled by the men they love have a totally different mindset when their spouse falls ill, what the male nurse refers to as a “laisses faire” attitude. They do exactly that — let nature take its course. They don’t scratch and claw at any semblance of hope for recovery or seemingly even care about their husband’s wellbeing. They simply go through the motions, doing the bare minimum until they can move past this stressful stage of life.

“You will sleep and wake in your own poo. You’ll starve,” Abdullah says.

nurse's warning to menPhoto: @millionaire_mindset23 / TikTok

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A man’s wife typically won’t worry about him showing up if she gets sick.  

If you’re a married man and it dawns on you that you might have the uncaring type of wife due to your own actions, you might be convinced that you can subject her to the same neglect if she gets sick. But you would be wrong, according to Abdullah. Your past behavior dictates that you won’t be there anyway — and likely won’t be expected to.

Instead, you’ll hire other people to care for your wife. Her family and friends will show up in droves to make sure she is okay and lift her spirits because she has likely nurtured those relationships and built unbreakable bonds. Her children will be attentive and caring.

Abdullah illustrates his point by asking people to, “Try walking into any hospital [and] compare the male and female wards.” He also shared the men who brag about cheating make him laugh because he doesn’t exactly need a crystal ball to predict their futures.

nurse's warning to menPhoto: @millionaire_mindset23 / TikTok

The lesson is to treat people like you want to be treated.

The post ends with the best advice that any husband could possibly hear: "Treat your woman better.”

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