A Mother-In-Law 'Insists' A Mom Shave Her Daughter's Head When She Turns One, Even Though She's Hesitant

In some cultures, it is a tradition to shave a baby's head. However, the mother is unsure if she should continue the tradition.

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A woman is feeling conflicted as to whether or not she should stick to a tradition that has existed in her family for decades or to leave it behind. 

Her mother-in-law insists that the woman continue the tradition and pass it down to her daughter. Although, the woman is not entirely sure if it is in the best interest of her daughter. 

The woman’s mother-in-law wants her to shave her baby’s head when she turns a year old since it is a family tradition. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 1 million times, TikTok user Natalia revealed that, as per Russian tradition, her family, specifically her mother-in-law, believes that she should shave her daughter’s head when she turns a year old. The mother claims that it is a tradition that they “must not break.” 


In some cultures, including Hispanic, Greek, and Indian, it is customary to shave a baby’s head at some point during the first year of their life. The practice is believed to rid the infant of any negativity from their past life and promotes their spiritual development. Other cultures believe that shaving a baby’s head actually improves hair growth. 



Natalia shared that she has spoken with people of various backgrounds about the tradition. “It may be a tradition linked to religion or a particular belief, but they also agree with the same outcome: shaving your baby’s head is supposed to help the hair grow evenly and thicker,” she said. Thick hair is something that Natalia wants for her daughter, and the results have been promising in her family. 


“She has quite good genes already on that end,” she wrote of her baby. “But I have to admit, when I see the result on my mother and sister-in-law, I can’t help but think that if one shaved head at one year old is the price to pay it is definitely worth it!” 

Still, Natalia confessed that she has a “pinch in her heart” at the thought of shaving her daughter’s already full head of hair. “She has by far the longest hair of her age group and I am so proud of this!” the mother shared. “I’m very confused what to do.” 

Many believed that the decision of whether or not to shave the baby’s head is ultimately up to Natalia since she is the parent. 

“Your baby, your choice! If you say no, they gotta respect that,” one user commented. “Do the research, and go with what you feel is right. You got this,” another user shared. 

Others, however, encouraged Natalia not to shave her daughter’s head since she already has a full head of beautiful hair. “Don’t cut it! That just seems like such a cruel thing to do to such beautiful hair,” one user wrote. “Don’t do it 'cause of a tradition, she has very good hair now!” another user pointed out. 


Some hairdressers debunked claims that shaving a baby’s head will improve their hair growth later on. 

“Hairdresser here, it’s a myth. Hair will grow the same and even out regardless,” one user revealed.  “Hair follicles do change miraculously by shaving the head,” another user commented. 

While other people acknowledged that some family traditions hold a lot of meaning, it is ultimately up to the parents, and eventually, the child when they are old enough to make a decision, if they want to continue to follow it. No one should ever feel pressured by their family members to uphold beliefs they are uncomfortable with and do not feel as if they are in their best interest. 

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