Mother Cries Tears Of Joy As Her Paralyzed Son Is Taken To A Brothel

Everybody has needs, even if we may not believe that meeting them is impossible.

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A proud mother was reduced to tears after her son had the opportunity to be intimate with a woman for the first time in 12 years. The mother, her son, her son’s caretaker, his best friend, and a popular social media influencer took the man to a brothel. 

The mother hopes that her son’s story will bring awareness to the needs and desires of those with brain injuries, and how they are not that much different from our very own needs. 


The man was taken to a brothel for the first time since becoming a quadriplegic after a car accident. 

The man named Jake, his mother, Gail, his caretaker, Banish, and his best friend, Kyle, had the opportunity to go on a fishing trip with famed influencer, Willem Powerfish (@thepowerfish_real). Willem documented their day and posted the video to TikTok.

The video depicts Jake embarking on his first fishing trip in 12 years since he became completely wheelchair-bound. 



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On New Year’s Eve in 2010, Jake was involved in a tragic car accident that left him quadriplegic and unable to speak. His body’s movement is limited to his mouth and his thumbs. 

While on the fishing trip, Willem asked Gail about Jake’s romantic history. She informed him that her son had not been with any woman since his tragic accident. 

This sparked an idea in Willem on how he could make Jake’s day even better. “I brought it up with his mum to take him to the brothel,” he said in the TikTok video that has gained over 500,000 views. A brothel is a space where people can engage in sexual activity with sex workers. 

“You can decide if you like the woman or not. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it,” Willem explains to Jake. “But I’m very happy to shout you a session.” 


After the fishing trip, Jake was taken to a brothel to be intimate with a woman for the first time since his accident. Willem, Gail, and staff members helped escort Jake’s wheelchair into the building, with Gail pointing out her son’s smile. 

According to Gail, Jake’s trip to the brothel was a success. “She [the sex worker] said she did a few things, and then it was very erect, so she got on top and he did the whole thing,” she explains, her voice thick with emotion and tears in her eyes. 

The mother also has an important message about those with disabilities like her son: “I hope it gets through to some people that even though we have brain injuries or impairments we still have needs.” 

People were also deeply touched by the seemingly mundane yet remarkable story. “This is so beautiful,” one user commented. “This is a great post! Every body has physical needs,” another user wrote. 


Caregivers also noted the importance of recognizing the needs of paralyzed individuals that are often overlooked.

“As a support worker, this is needed. It’s the thing people don’t talk about,” one user shared. “As a support worker of quite a few young people both female and male in all seriousness this is so so important for so many reasons,” another user added. 

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Despite common myths, there are many paraplegic and quadriplegic people who are able to perform sexually.

Quadrapeligic men have the ability to get and maintain an erection since the reflex is controlled by nerves found in the lowest part of the spinal cord (S2-3-4). If the injury occurs anywhere above that point, reflex erections stimulated by touch are possible in most men. 


Although, they may require a little bit of help. “It is absolutely possible to have sex after a spinal cord injury, but most people need a little bit of help,” Craig, a man who was left wheelchair-reliant after a cycling accident, claims in a YouTube video. 

Craig explains that able-bodied men are able to experience two types of erections: a reflexogenic erection, which occurs as a result of touch and direct stimulation of the penis, and a psychogenic erection, which occurs from having sexual thoughts. 

According to Craig, those with spinal cord injuries are only able to experience a reflexogenic erection. “In general, most men find that you need both types of erections in order to have an erection that is strong enough and also will last long enough to have intercourse,” he says. “Luckily, there are a lot of options out there to help people with erectile dysfunction.” 


Craig says that medications such as Viagra can help those with spinal cord injuries maintain an erection. 

Jake’s story has also raised awareness about the impact of sex workers, who often have unfavorable views surrounding their jobs.

Their role is not just about providing sex, but allowing people to regain skills they may have believed to have been lost after a life-changing injury. 

“Next time you lot hear people talking down on sex workers, remember THIS is the job we do. Good on everyone involved!” one TikTok user commented. “Every human needs connection and affection. Try living without it.” 

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