Mariah Carey Confronted Cameron Diaz In Public After The Actress Said Her Music Was ‘Torture’

Carey put her in her place.

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Since Mariah Carey rose to fame during the 90s, she has amassed a legion of fans.

Her music has consistently dominated the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and Carey has had the number-one spot every year for the past several decades.

However, while Carey has fans who can't enough of some of her hit songs, including the Christmas classic "All I Want For Christmas Is You," it seems not everyone is in love with her music.


There was a moment in time when actress Cameron Diaz had some strong opinions about Carey's music.

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Mariah Carey once confronted Cameron Diaz after she said her music was 'torture.'

Over a decade ago, Diaz and Carey were involved in a mini-feud after the "Charlie's Angels" actress made a snide remark about Carey during an interview.


According to the New York Daily News, via Daily Mail, back in 1998, Diaz expressed a strong dislike for Carey's music.

That same year, Carey released her first compilation album, which was released almost a decade after her first album.

The compilation album consisted of Carey's first 13 number-one hits on the Billboard chart, making Diaz's snide comment about the singer's music that much more shocking.

In the interview, Diaz admitted that if someone wanted to "torture" her, all they had to do was play Carey's music around her.

"If you really want to torture me, sit me in a room strapped to a chair and put Mariah Carey's records on," Diaz said.

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Of course, Carey, who has a reputation for being the "ultimate diva," didn't find Diaz's comments funny at all, and later revealed that she'd confronted the actress about bad-mouthing her records.

A year later, Carey spoke with FHM about the time that she had gone up to Diaz while the two were at a restaurant in New York.


"People think that I'm this little girl-next-door and they can say stuff about me and I'll never check them if they run into me. Wrong. I decided I should seize the opportunity to straighten a few things out," Carey revealed.

When Carey was asked if she had gone up to Diaz to "slap her, or grab her by the throat," the singer answered, "not by the throat," but shared that it caused "quite a scene."

The "We Belong Together" singer said she had after approaching Diaz about the comment, the actress had assured Carey that "her words had been twisted."

Carey admitted that after hearing that, she decided to give Diaz the benefit of the doubt.

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Years later, Diaz and Carey seemed to have patched things up.

In July 2017, Diaz was spotted posing alongside Carey in an Instagram photo posted by Diaz's friend and sister-in-law, Nicole Richie.

In the photo, Richie, along with a group of her friends, posed for the snap, which was captioned: "Happy Monday my lambs."

While Carey is visible in the middle of the photo, wearing a sparkly outfit, Diaz can be spotted toward the back, both women smiling at the camera and proving that they've since buried the hatchet.


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