Manager Chooses To 'Gentle Parent' Her Coworkers So They 'Don't Walk Out' On Her

While the term 'gentle parenting' is often used with children, this manager found a way to incorporate it for her coworkers.

restaurant manager and coworkers @that_virgo69 / TikTok

A manager revealed the unique tactic that she uses on her employees to make sure they are satisfied with their work environment.

In a TikTok video, a manager at a MOD Pizza in Hanover, Pennsylvania shared how she interacts with her coworkers to try and promote a healthy workplace so that they don't quit and abruptly leave, which many viewers found refreshing.

She uses 'gentle parenting' to make sure her coworkers 'don't walk out' on her because they're unhappy.

In the short clip, which has amassed over 800,000 views, the manager of MOD Pizza filmed herself going around to all the different employees to offer them words of affirmation and praise for their hard work.


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Writing in overlay text on the video, the manager explained that she uses "gentle parenting" on "all my coworkers so they don't walk out on me." The term gentle parenting is often associated with families as a parenting style that encompasses empathy, respect, understanding, and boundaries.


It seems that this manager has decided to use gentle parenting outside of being a parent, and instead takes those same beliefs and applies them to her employees as their manager.

While it may be an unusual tactic, it's been proven that employees who receive positive reinforcements from their managers will perform their duties better.

According to research from The University of Warwick, workplaces with a more positive environment lead to happier employees who are 37% more productive. In the same vein, many job seekers prefer working in environments that aren't toxic.

A 2019 Glassdoor survey found that 77% of job candidates would “consider a company’s culture” before seeking a job there, while another 56% said a good workplace culture was “more important than salary” for job satisfaction. 

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When managers use positive reinforcement, employees feel valued and appreciated for their work, leading to increased job satisfaction and overall happiness in the workplace.

Just as this manager showed in her video, a positive work environment that values and recognizes employees' efforts can help reduce turnover.

When employees feel appreciated and motivated, they are more likely to stay committed to their roles and the organization, reducing the need for frequent hiring and training.

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Many people praised the restaurant manager for creating a positive work environment with her staff.

"It's almost like the environment reflects and inspires work ethic. There are a lot of employers who can learn from this," one TikTok user pointed out.


Another user agreed, writing, "That’s truly all I need, I work so much harder after praise than I do being told we need to do better."

"It motivates and takes the stress off a [little]. Makes you want to try. Compliments go a long way. Especially when [you] don't wanna be there anyway," a third user chimed in.

By creating a culture of recognition and appreciation, managers can implement a positive work environment that will only allow their employees to be engaged and productive in any work that they do.


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