Employee Shares The Sweet Tradition His Boss Does For His Company Every Week — 'It Really Helps The Morale'

Small efforts like this can go a long way in improving relationships between employees and employers.

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A kind boss is ensuring that his employees have something to look forward to every week when they reach the midpoint until the weekend. Every Wednesday, he gathers his workers to enjoy a homemade meal, and others are inspired by his actions demonstrating a healthy relationship between employees and bosses

The boss cooks breakfast for his employees every Wednesday morning when they arrive at work. 

An employee took to the subreddit, "r/MadeMeSmile," to share more about the tradition his boss started for his company before he even began working there. A photo depicts his boss cooking a hot breakfast paired with orange juice for his employees to start off their day.


“Our boss makes us breakfast every Weds. without fail,” the employee captioned the photo. “Really helps the morale.”

boss cooking breakfast for employees redditPhoto: Reddit

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His boss stands in front of a grill holding a spatula, where he has already prepared eggs, bacon, and breakfast potatoes — and for those who do not eat meat, this boss comes prepared. The employee added that he prepares a separate meal for one of his vegetarian workers.


Redditors were touched by the boss’ efforts to go the extra mile to show his employees that he appreciates all of their work. “The little things that show he cares. Very cool!” one user commented. “I love this. It's so important to look after your community,” another user noted.

Other employees shared similar actions their own bosses did for their companies.

“I had a manager/boss that baked amazing tourtiere pies and shared them with all of her employees,” one user revealed. “She earned the highest respect for caring for others yet having the business sense to keep everybody focused on their individual tasks and jobs.” “When I was a pharmacy supervisor I used to bring donuts for my team (75 people) every Friday,” another user wrote.

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The employee followed up with his original post, sharing that he works at Caliber Collision, a company that repairs vehicles post-collisions. He is currently working as a CSC but hopes to one day be an estimator. So far, he has been enjoying his time with the company. “[I’ve] Only been here a few weeks but it was a completely different vibe and is seriously great so far,” he wrote. 


He adds that while his boss can be tough on his employees from time to time, he is overall a respectful leader that his workers look up to. “He’s a hard a–, but he cares,” he shared. “He just wants us to be our best and he really helps make that happen with the little things like making food.” 

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The boss' actions had a positive impact on his employees. 

Bosses going above and beyond to demonstrate appreciation toward their employees goes a long way in the work environment. Overall, it can increase motivation and job satisfaction, and productivity, and improve the morale and well-being of workers. Additionally, they set a positive example and inspire others to do the same. 

Cooking breakfast is one of the many little things bosses can do to establish a positive work culture where employees feel supported, respected, and acknowledged. 


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