Man Who Started His Own Cult At Harvard University Explains How Easy It Was

Maybe all cults don't have to be so bad...

Adam Aleksic @etymologynerd / TikTok

A former college student revealed a unique way that he was able to bring together and form a community.

In a TikTok video, Adam Aleksic, who attended Harvard University, informed viewers how he was able to successfully put together, what he described as a "cult," during his time at the prestigious school.

He explained how easy it had been to start his own cult at Harvard.

"Here's how I started a cult at Harvard University," Aleksic began in his video. The former Harvard student showed a clip of him at a large gathering with different students who were also a part of his self-described cult.




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The premise for the club was that for every week, there was a different theme that all the members would have to participate in and follow. "The first week was Pool Week. We swam in pools, we played pool, we played with pool noodles, we played pool with pool noodles. We carpooled, we pooled our money. You get the idea."


Since every week had a different theme, Aleksic and the other students in the cult would choose the new theme for the next week each Sunday at midnight. They called the ceremony "The Choosening," and slowly, they all began to spread the word about their cult.

"So on Change Week, we changed our clothes, we changed our minds, we changed our answers on the Midterms, but we also handed out physical change. People said, 'Why are you giving me change right now?' I said, 'It's Change Week,' and they said, 'What's Change Week?' and I said, 'Come to the Choosening.'"

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Aleksic pointed out how incredibly easy it had been to start a cult. "You present a lifestyle revolving around some kind of ritual. You create special traditions and vocabulary, and then it's just community outreach."


man explains how easy it was to start a cult at harvardPhoto: TikTok / @etymologynerd

Despite Aleksic calling it a 'cult,' he was able to form a community where people could have fun and meet new people.

Forming a group with certain cult-like characteristics or intense devotion around a shared interest or philosophy is possible without having a nefarious agenda, as Aleksic demonstrated with the community he started at Harvard.

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His willingness to form what sounds like a pleasurable and entertaining community highlights the importance of building meaningful connections and friendships while in college, especially at a school such as Harvard, where many of the students are swamped with work and most likely stressed out.

In fact, 45% of American college students claimed to undergo “more than average stress,” while 33% of students reported “average stress,” and 12.7% said they experienced “tremendous stress.” Students who reported “no stress” or “less than average stress” combined for 9% total.

Loneliness and isolation, which many college students feel during the school year, can harm their mental health. A supportive community can combat these feelings, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Engaging in social activities and having a support system can also lead to a more positive and fulfilling college experience.


Being part of a community provides emotional support and a sense of belonging. Having like-minded individuals to share experiences with can alleviate stress and promote overall well-being.

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