Student With A 1580 SAT & 102 GPA Making $200K A Year On Her Business Was Rejected From Almost Every University She Applied To

Grades and SAT scores aren't enough for colleges anymore.

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When you have a near-perfect SAT score, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from your small business, collaborated with world-famous artists and you’re still just a teenager in high school, you pretty much expect you’ll get into every college you apply to, even some Ivy Leagues. 

However, the college admissions process has grown more competitive than ever, and even students that could fill an entire novel with all of their accomplishments are finding it increasingly difficult to make it into even one of the many they apply to. 


Despite one teenage girl’s incredibly impressive resume and college application, she is still being overlooked by many universities that, years ago, most of us would not even doubt for a second she wouldn’t get into.

The student has a 1580 SAT score, a 102 GPA, and makes $200,000 annually as the founder of a digital media marketing company. 

TikTok user @limmytalks, who is famous on the app for predicting which schools students will be accepted into based on their grades, SAT/ACT scores, and extracurricular activities, recently received what he refers to as “the most insane college application” he’s ever seen


According to the teenager’s application, she has a 1580 out of 1600 SAT score, a weighted grade point average of 102, and is the founder of not one but two companies, with one of them earning her around $20,000 a month. She has also generated over 8 billion ad impressions and over 150 million stream plays for the company.



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Additionally, the student is the founder of an independent record label, where she has over 1 million followers across all social media platforms. She has over 10 million lifetime listeners and over 130 million plays. 


She is currently in negotiations with the Record Label “10K Projects” to sign one of her company’s artists under management. 10K Projects represents well-known artists, including Iann Dior, Trippie Redd, and Ice Spice. 

Of course, as an electronic music producer and composer, the student has collaborated with what she refers to as “world-famous artists” before. 

Her extracurricular activities are also beyond impressive. According to the student’s application, she is the captain of the Science Olympiad team, a member of DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America), the Treasurer of the Tri-M Honor Society at her school, and a violin and piano player. She has tutored over 30 of her fellow students and performed over 100 hours of community service

The student’s grades prove that even between working with famous artists and helping other students, she is dedicated to her studies, taking AP World History and AP Calculus, all while maintaining her GPA above average.


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The student applied to 22 universities, including the Ivy Leagues Harvard, Yale, Brown, Princeton, Colombia, Cornell, MIT, and UPenn. 

@limmytalks predicted that the student was accepted into all of her “safety” schools, including Stony Brook University, University of Maryland, UConn, USC, Boston University, UCLA, and Brown. 

He assumed that the student was rejected from Georgia Tech, MIT, Vanderbilt, NYU, Northwestern, Northeastern, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Colombia, Cornell, UPenn, and Duke. 

“I would guess that she probably would’ve gotten into at least four or five [of her] top 20 schools, given an application of this caliber,” the TikTok user added. Unfortunately, the results are not what he, nor many of us, would expect. 


The student was rejected from nearly every school she applied to. 

“Despite having a 1580 SAT and a business making $200,000 a year, this student was rejected from every single Ivy League and top 20 universities that she applied to,” the man shared. He appeared to be shocked, noting that the student had over a 100 GPA and was #1 on the Spotify Viral 50 chart twice. 

Although, the student was accepted into Stony Brook University, the University of Maryland, UConn, and the Stern Business School at NYU.

“In the thousands of applications that I’ve reviewed, I have never seen an application this good get rejected from basically every single top university that this student applied to,” @limmytalks reported.



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Other TikTok users were just as surprised and confused as he was. 

“This is actually crazy,” one user commented. “What do they want from us?” another user remarked of modern-day admissions counselors.

Other users pointed out how competitive and difficult college admissions have become. “Competition is tough. All applicants have the grades and SATs, and it doesn’t cut it anymore,” one user noted. “You need to stand out and have shown struggle and have a personality.”

As the numbers of applicants grow higher, the chances of getting accepted into certain universities are getting lower. In 2022, Harvard University’s acceptance rate dropped to 3.19%, the lowest it has been since the school’s founding 386 years ago.


Now more than ever, colleges are becoming more selective as the amount of applicants skyrockets. “You could have 1600 on the SATs, a 4.0 GPA, a great resume and still get rejected from most or everywhere that you apply,” Kevin Martin, a former UT Austin College admissions counselor told the Upstream

It is essential for college applicants to participate in extracurricular activities, put in community service hours, and maintain their grades to the best of their ability. Even if students do not get accepted into college, it is not the end of the world and there are other options they can direct their lives into. 

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