Man Shares Sweet Note His Girlfriend Left Him On His First Day Back At College After Dropping Out — 'Marry Her'

Having support from loved ones is crucial when returning to school.

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It can be intimidating to pick yourself up after dropping out of school and returning years later to finish what you started. Luckily for one man returning to continue his studies, he has his supportive partner that will be there for him every step of the way, and she is making sure that he knows it. 

The man’s girlfriend left him a sweet note on his first day back at school after dropping out. 

According to research conducted by Education Data Initiative, about 40% of undergraduate students attending universities drop out each year. Although, it is estimated that around 42% of dropouts eventually return to school after one term to universities that have a 40% to 70% graduation rate. 


One such returning student took to Reddit to share the heartwarming encouragement he received from his girlfriend after he decided to complete his studies.

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He revealed a photo of a note she left for him in his notebook that she bought for him as a back-to-school gift to the subreddit, r/MadeMeSmile. “Starting college again after dropping out a few years ago and my gf [girlfriend] bought me a notebook and surprised me with a supportive note,” the man wrote. 

In the photo, the words, “I’m so proud of you!” are written across the top of the first page of the notebook. 


girlfriend's note to boyfriend who dropped out of collegePhoto: Reddit

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Many Reddit users encouraged the man to keep his girlfriend around for a long time. 

“Marry her, idiot. Now. Do not pass go,” one user commented.

“I hope you realize how important this quality is later in life. She is a good person,” another user noted. 


Others also congratulated the man on his decision to go back to school and wished him the best of luck. 

“Congrats, man!! I wish you nothing but success in your return to college. Keep grinding. You will succeed,” one user wrote. 

“I didn't get my degree until 38. In your own time. Proud of you,” another user shared. 

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Simple acts of support like this are crucial for future success.

While attending college classes, it is not only beneficial to have a support system involving educational mentors, but to have supportive friends and family that will cheer you on along the way. 


Having supportive loved ones will not only celebrate your success, but it will also increase your chances of earning that degree by talking you through challenging times, helping you learn from your failures,  and keeping you on track to finish your studies. 

Having a support system has also been proven to reduce stress and motivate us to thrive, which is crucial while working toward a college degree. While there will undoubtedly be good and bad days, those in your life who offer unwavering support will ensure that you achieve your goals. 

Based on the note the man’s girlfriend left for him, it is clear that he will be able to lean on her for support anytime, even long after he receives his degree. 


He also assured Redditors that his plan was to in fact marry her, adding that he bought her a promise ring not too long ago. “She is truly special,” he wrote. 

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