Man Refuses To Clean His Own Vomit From The Sink Since His Wife Is Responsible For All 'Domestic Duties'

He says that he "doesn't know how" to clean the sink and that it's not his job since he works outside the home.

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After a woman prepped and cleaned the house before her husband had company over, she was sure that he would handle the cleanup without complaint. However, she was disgusted after she discovered that during the get-together, her husband had vomited in the sink and refused to clean it. 

His excuses ranged from the fact that he “didn’t know how” to clean it to he had to get up early for work the next morning and could not be bothered. 


After the woman insisted that he sleep in the guest bedroom and refused to clean up her husband’s vomit herself, she now admits that she feels “guilty” since she is the one who often picks up around the house.

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The man refused to clean the sink after he vomited into it since his wife is in charge of the ‘domestic duties.’ 

Sharing the story to the subreddit, r/AmITheA–hole, the woman revealed that her husband had invited his co-workers to their home for a BBQ and drinks. She claimed that she spent the day preparing for their guests by cleaning the house and cooking the food so that her husband could enjoy his time with them. 


Unfortunately, he may have had a little too much fun with his co-workers. “He ended up getting pretty drunk and threw up in our bathroom sink,” the woman wrote, noting that when she asked him to clean up his mess, he refused. 

“His refusals included ‘I don’t know what to do to clean it up’ and ‘I closed the drain on the sink and now I can’t get it open’ (it’s one of the drains that you push to close and push to open) and ‘I don’t have time to clean it because I have to work early,’” the woman shared. 

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Even though the woman reveals that she is the one who manages the household duties since she works part-time while her husband works full-time, she could not help but feel disrespected after he refused to clean up his own vomit. 


As she continued to press him, the woman says that her husband began to “raise his voice” at her as he was still drunk. He also attempted to explain that he could not clean the sink since he “had to go to work to pay for all the things we want.” 

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“I didn’t engage or continue with the argument because when you’re sober there’s no reasoning with a drunk person,” the woman wrote. “So, I had asked him to sleep in the spare room.” 


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However, the next morning, the woman felt guilty for how she handled the situation. 

People took the woman’s side, arguing that even though she deals with most of the chores, it was her husband’s responsibility to clean up his own vomit. 

“I can't stand people who drink irresponsibly. He threw up and he gets to clean it up. Not you,” one user commented. 

“Even if I was a full-time homemaker, I would not clean after a drunk chuck up. If my partner was sick or in some way indisposed, I'd take one for the team,” another user shared. 

“He is acting like a helpless child. He sounds insufferable,” another user added. 


Other users validated the woman’s feelings of being disrespected by her husband,  pointing out that he was rude and unfair to her. 

Even if the man did not vomit in the sink, his relationship with his wife could improve if he took the time to help or learn how to do basic tasks around the house.

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According to research, couples who take equal responsibilities for household chores can have healthier relationships.

“It turns out that the more tasks couple share together, that they do jointly, the greater their feelings of equity, the more satisfied they are with their housework arrangements,” University of Utah associate professor Daniel Carlson told TIME Magazine regarding findings in a nationally representative survey that collected information regarding family life and time use. “One of the biggest predictors of satisfaction is a feeling of fairness in relationships.” 


Perhaps the woman would feel less disrespected in her home if her husband picked up the slack and helped her more around the house, including cleaning his own vomit. 

Even if he works more than her, the woman will likely feel more appreciated and seen if her husband picked up a dish or vacuumed the floor every once in a while. 

They both live in the house after all, and it is very likely that neither of them wants to be living among uncleaned puke. 


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