Business Coach Claims He Pulled His Children Out Of Public School Because Their Teacher Was 'Overweight' — 'You Are Not An Inspiring Human Being'

His views on food, fitness, and education are worrisome.

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Business coach Kris Krohn has sparked outrage after he explained in a TikTok video why he decided to pull his children out of public school.

He admitted that he pulled his kids out of their school over concerns about their teacher's weight.

In what can only be described as a rant, Krohn admitted to pulling his kids out of school because their teacher "was 200 pounds overweight."

He further argued, "You are low energy. You're depressed. You're spending more time with my kid during the day than I am, and I'm concerned with the amount of influence you're exerting." His criticisms didn't stop there. He even said, "You are not an inspiring human being."




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It seems the crux of Krohn's complaints center around the fact that, as he views it, teachers should exemplify his definition of "fit and healthy" because, ultimately, what they are learning from books doesn't matter — it's what they are learning by example from their instructors.


His winded diatribe continued with his ideas on how to improve the school system, which included getting rid of uninspired teachers and then bringing in "the coolest, most experienced, fittest" candidates, and giving them a $10,000 raise every year.

Krohn's interpretation of teachers being underpaid and undervalued is inconsistent with his attitude.

For someone who preached that teachers are underserved and, in turn, "uninspired," it is ironic that he contributed to his line of thinking with his discriminative attitude.

To assume that someone is "depressed" and "low energy" because of their weight is not only ridiculous but dangerous. Associating negative characteristics based on body weight, is a low energy thing to do. Further, it perpetuates negative stereotypes and is the reason why plus-size people are still discriminated against.

People gain and lose weight for a variety of different reasons. Krohn's warped sense of weight and how it is tied to self-worth is why research has found a direct correlation between this rhetoric and "depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, eating disorders and exercise avoidance."


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In another video, Krohn talked about how his household functions when it comes to diet and exercise.

Krohn's 4 kids vary in age from 12 to 17 and he readily admitted to their unconventional approach to food and fitness in their household. “We are a sugar-free home. They get ice cream once a week on Saturday if they do all their chores and they also have to workout 4 times a week," he said. 



There is nothing wrong with wanting your children to be healthy. There is also nothing wrong with promoting exercise and balanced eating as important parts of a healthy lifestyle.


However, food restriction of any kind or language that creates a negative association with certain foods, like sugar, can have dangerous outcomes later in life. Basically, it lays the groundwork for an unhealthy relationship with food and self.

There have even been studies that show how restrictive eating in childhood can have the opposite effect on children, and instead of promoting healthy eating and moderate indulgence, it actually encourages overeating and a disregard for natural hunger cues.

Sadly, many people in the original video seemed to agree with Krohn. But there is always hope that the teacher Krohn has insulted can ignore the hate and continue to inspire and impact her students.


It is essential that we do our part in uplifting others instead of denigrating them. That's what being an inspired person truly is. It's also the most important lesson you can teach your kids, and that's the example every adult should convey. 

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