Man Plans To Divorce Wife With Bipolar After Her Mental Breakdown – 'I'm Living In A Nightmare'

After what this husband has been through, his best bet is to run for the hills.

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Marriage can either offer wonderful experiences or bring about chaos. For one husband on Reddit, it’s the latter.

Posting on the “r/TrueOffMyChest” subreddit, a forum where online users can vent and get personal matters off their chests — one man confessed that he will be divorcing his 30-year-old wife who struggles with bipolar disorder, a mental health condition that, in short, can cause drastic shifts in one’s mood, energy levels, and emotional state.


A man expressed that he will be leaving his wife of one year due to her constant meltdowns.

The 26-year-old said that he can’t put up with his wife’s behavior and frequent meltdowns anymore. “We lost a baby back in January, and that triggered her having a complete mental breakdown,” he wrote. “She got diagnosed [with] bipolar a few months back, and when she was taking her medication everything seemed like it was back to normal.”

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At some point, his wife stopped taking her medication in addition to not attending her therapy sessions, which further complicated matters in her behavior and, consequently, in their marriage. “I am genuinely afraid for my life and her life way more often than I should be,” he wrote.

The man explained that his wife’s refusal to take her medication has stirred up frequent mood swings and violent behavior towards him, which is more than he can handle. “She will yell and scream and chew me out for an hour straight and then try to cuddle up to me or get sexual like nothing happened.” He proceeded to say that he constantly walks on eggshells for his wife so as to not upset her and, in extreme cases, to avoid getting hit.

The user further mentioned that wife quit her job, leaving him to handle the arduous role of being the sole provider. On top of being unemployed, his wife doesn’t seem to show signs of wanting to do much of anything these days. “She barely leaves the house without me, and just stays home and naps or watches TV or porn all day while I’m at work,” he wrote.

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He claims his wife manipulates him into having sex and engages in other obsessive behaviors.

After arriving home from work, school, or any other outdoor pursuit, the user says he’s often met with a series of manipulative and controlling behaviors involving their sex life and his personal life. “She manipulates me into having sex (yes, it is very much manipulation now) for hours after I get home, and guilt trips me when I want to go see my friends or go to the gym or church.”

The user added that, while he has more free time than he did a few months ago, most of this time has been spent with his wife, which, in many cases, can be incredibly unhealthy and only builds resentment between partners. Allowing a little space builds confidence in any relationship and, more importantly, it gives partners the freedom to grow together.

However, this couple evidently appears to be lacking in that department.

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On two occasions, the man discovered that his wife had planted Apple AirTags in his belongings to keep track of his whereabouts. But it doesn’t end there.

The man mentioned that he found a chart entailing the ways his wife has successfully manipulated him into doing things for her in the past along with an extensive list of his daily schedule.

She’s controlling, she’s manipulative, calculating and really cruel. Almost every single thing she does is like fucking scientifically designed to either get something from me or to punish me for not being enough,” he wrote. “I feel like every day it gets worse. I’m living in a nightmare.”


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While several lines had been crossed in the past, the list had been the final straw for this husband. “I can hardly look at her anymore. It’s been three days since I found the list. I printed it out and I’m taking it with me. She makes me sick.”

The man has claimed to set his sights on a divorce attorney and plans to share the news with his wife’s parents, but that seems to be the least of his problems. “My big issue is I don’t know how she’s going to react when she gets the news.”

Fearful of how his wife might react, the user will be taking preventive measures to ensure that his wife doesn’t become a danger to herself.


man says he's divorcing his wife because of her frequent meltdownsPhoto: Shutterstock / fizkes

“Maybe I’m weak, or not tough, or an a--hole for not sticking with her, but I can’t keep living like this,” he concluded.

Many people expressed concern for the man’s safety, saying, ‘Your safety is non-negotiable.’

Redditors were quick to advise the man to hold off on breaking the news to his wife unless a witness was present. “Don't have the cops on stand by, have them there,” said one user. “You need unbiased witnesses and the cops would be best, or your lawyer. Good luck to you, getting out of an abusive relationship is very hard.”


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