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Man Gives His Mom Spare Key To His Home Despite Wife’s Objection — Now He Thinks She’s Wrong To Be Upset

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When a man went against his wife's wishes by giving his mom a key to their home, she was furious. So, instead of settling the debate in his own home, he has turned to Reddit.

There is a Reddit community, called “Am I the A–Hole?” which allows users to post stories about conflict in their lives so the 34-year-old thought to ask these kind strangers for their take on his family conflict.

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He gave his mom a spare key after his wife asked him not to.

The post began with the 34-year-old writing that he had bought a house, purchased by him only, and his “wife did not help save for it”.

He emphasized that the home was in his name, probably so he could flex his power over his wife. 

His parents threw them a housewarming party, and his mother asked him for a copy of the keys.

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He obliged his mother to the dismay of his wife.

The husband asked his wife why she was uncomfortable with the situation.

“Shee [did] not feel "comfortable" with the idea of someone else, who's not a resident to have a copy of the key,” he writes.

“She also brought up how my mother didn't pay a penny towards the house so this should 'disqualify her' from getting the key.”

He mentioned that he was angry at his wife, and told her it "wasn’t a big deal."

When she kept pressing him to take the key back, he threw it in her face that he was "the one who bought the home."

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Apparently, this meant to him that he was entitled to make any decisions he wanted, even against his wife’s wishes. 

He writes that his wife told him, "She did contribute towards the house savings back when she used to pay for our rent and daily expenses while [he] saved money.”

He continued the post by writing that his wife said he has “no respect for her [opinions].”

They had been arguing back and forth over it, and his wife “let him know” that she would just ask for the key back from his mother.

He thought that she was being “irrational and unreasonable” for making a big deal out of the key situation.

The post ended with him mentioning how his mother and his wife are on “near-perfect terms.”

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Readers were not convinced and tore him apart.

“She paid all your expenses while you saved and she's not even on the title to the house? She's right, she did contribute.”

“It’s called financial abuse and it’s a common tactic used by narcissistic assholes to maintain power in their relationship.”

“Huge red flag that you only put the house in your name. You've basically used your wife to enable you to do what you want.”

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