Manager Demands Woman To Come In While She's 'Running A Fever' & Takes Her Off The Schedule When She Doesn't

Would you want your employee to come to work and get everyone else sick? You should probably just let them stay home...

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Calling out of work because you’re sick is something that probably everyone has done once in their life, including this woman named Rachel on Reddit. 

According to a poll conducted by OnePoll, 41% of Americans are likely to call in sick the moment they feel a symptom of their sickness coming on.

That’s a pretty astonishing number. Especially now that we’re living in a post-Covid world, people have started taking their health — and even the health of others — far more seriously. Why go in to work and risk everyone getting sick?


Unfortunately, that’s a question that Rachel guessed incorrectly when her manager tried forcing her into working while she was sick.

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Her manager took her off the schedule when she refused to come to work sick.

Initially, Rachel texted her manager, who we know as “Deb,” that she wouldn’t be able to make it to work. “I won’t be able to make it [to] work today, I’m really sick. I tried to sleep it off and wasn’t able to. I know I’m supposed to give 2-hour notice but I just barely woke up.”


Seemingly not understanding the gravity of the situation or the fact that her employee was sick, Deb told Rachel that she needed to come in regardless, saying “[Rachel] there is no one to cover your shift you will have to come to work.”

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Rachel responded, telling her manager that she was “running a fever” and couldn’t even hold down any food or water. In the physical state that she was in, there was no way she could possibly have worked, but Deb continued to say she had to come in, responding “Sorry that’s the way it is.”


“Why can’t Sherry??” Rachel asked, assumedly asking about another coworker that could take her place. “I can not physically come into work with how sick I am.”

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“Sherry has worked her shift, you need to work yours,” Deb responded.

By this point, Rachel had given up on Deb and told her that she was sorry, but she wouldn’t be coming to work. That she had tried to give as much notice as possible but it was “not my problem” if she didn’t have anyone that could cover her shift.


Photo: Reddit

Rachel provided an update and explained how done she was with working there.

Rachel never replied to her manager’s last message, which read “See you at 2,” but she provided an update for the Redditors who wanted to know how everything ended and what happened after her shift went by without her being there — spoiler alert: it was not a happy ending.

“I was taken off the schedule until the owner comes back from his little London vacay,” she explained. “I’ve been with this company for two years and have been treated with the worst disrespect.”


Photo: Reddit

She goes on to explain that it isn’t just her and it’s not just this one situation. “Not to mention our turnover rate is exponentially high, I’m the only original staff member left after two years, and now I see why everyone else has left.”

However, she seemed to be okay with how things would eventually turn out. She said, “I know for a fact I’m getting fired, but, oh well I guess.” She has already resigned herself to her fate, but she doesn’t seem to mind.


Maybe her future employment will include a manager who cares about her employees more than working an understaffed shift.

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