Man Wonders If He Was Wrong To Lash Out At Sister Who Blamed His Wife For Her Husband Cheating On Her

There's a lot to unpack.

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A man is seeking the internet’s input after an argument left him at odds with his sister.

The man took to Reddit to tell a tale about his sister and brother-in-law's marital issues and how it was causing problems in his own personal life.

After his wife caught his sister's husband cheating, the sister ended up lashing out at the wife.

The man's wife is a bartender and, after catching her sister-in-law's husband red-handed, told her the news in private.


After the feud, which ended with his sister running out of the room crying, he wrote about it on the subreddit “r/AmIthe A–hole” (AITA) to find out if he was justified in his actions.

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On the subreddit, people can post their predicaments for others to read, and they can decide if “You’re the A–hole” (YTA) or “Not the A-hole.” In other words, people can decide if the poster is in the right or not.

The man explains that his sister, in a fit of rage, wound up telling his wife that she is a “wh-re who likes to break up marriages.”


The situation came to a head during a family dinner when the brother-in-law confessed to other family members that he had cheated.

The man sent his sister a lengthy text asking her to apologize to his wife, and she did.

He mistakenly thought that would be the end of the argument.

The situation reignited when his father invited all four of them over to celebrate his birthday. 

Shockingly, when he arrived, his sister was there with her cheating husband.

At first, things seemed to be running smoothly.

"Everyone was cordial towards one another and no one mentioned my BIL’s infidelity," the man writes.

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The situation went downhill when his wife, who was on crutches at the time, asked his brother-in-law to move over so she could have a seat. 

"My sister , got extremely mad at my wife for 'being too friendly with her man,'" the man explains in the Reddit post, claiming that these were the exact words his sister used.

"She started full-on yelling at my wife for 'doing what she always does' and 'ruining other people’s relationships.'"

In response, the man hit his sister with an insult of his own.

"I butted in and told my sister to stop yelling at my wife and to stop acting 'extremely insecure in front of other women and go for counseling or something.'"


He and his wife left soon after and his brother-in-law sent him an apology on behalf of his sister, but also told him he should apologize to her for being rude.

His wife and other family members said he was too harsh on his sister, prompting him to pose the question to Reddit.

Readers strongly criticized the actions of both his sister and his brother-in-law, in some cases making jokes at their expense.

“Text your BIL back and suggest that if he stops sleeping round, that might make things better,” wrote the top comment.

Some commenters mentioned that his sister was taking out her rage on the wrong person and that his wife was the receiver of unjust anger.


“Your sister is ‘killing the messenger’ and taking out the anger she should be feeling towards her husband on your wife,” wrote another top comment.

“She's completely in the wrong. Your sister needs some counseling to help her redirect and refocus the resentment and embarrassment she's feeling and to learn how to move past it.”

Many also commended the poster for sticking up for his wife when she needed him to.


“NTA - props to you for standing up for your wife,” wrote another top comment.

“While your sister may be going through personal problems, it doesn’t mean that she gets to take it out on others. In my opinion, what she said to your wife is far worse than what you said to her.”

Family members should be the people who stick by your side through thick and thin, and shouldn’t shouldn’t put you or other loved ones down for trying to help them.


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