Wife Is Enraged After Finding Out Her Husband Had A 'Secret Car' When It Showed Up On Her Credit Report — 'I Was Just Helping A Friend'

Keeping big financial secrets is just as damaging as having an affair, and can have detrimental implications to your relationship.

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There is nothing more disappointing than finding out that the person you planned on spending eternity with has betrayed you. Whether they lied to you, cheated on you, or kept secrets from you, the pain of the betrayal is beyond devastating.

One woman couldn’t hold back her anger when she found out about the secret her husband had been keeping from her.

A video shared by TikToker Saxon Reinhart included the sounds of a woman screaming at her husband from inside of a bathroom at a car dealership. The clip is captioned, “Wife [is] in there mad because her husband has another car on his credit report that isn’t hers”.




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The woman shrieks, “I hope you know that. Do you understand me?” from behind closed doors as her husband tries to explain. He denies touching her repeatedly, and she continues to scream at him at the top of her lungs.


Every woman who hears her can relate to the utter pain and hurt in her voice. As one commenter said, “All women know this scream. The one that comes from the most wounded part of your soul. The sound of finally having proof of what you suspected.”

The man claimed to have bought a new car to help a friend out.

Though there was no context or resolution shown, Reinhart’s video description said, “He was just ‘helping’ a friend.” This led many to speculate that the secretive man had purchased the vehicle for a woman he was having an affair with.

Based on the assumption, one person wrote, “This is probably after months of being told that she was crazy, and he was "working late" among other things.” Another woman added, “Immediate divorce. No debating it.”

The fact that they were at a car dealership when the deception came to light made it clear that, whatever the man’s intentions, his actions were financially abusive and emotionally devastating to the relationship with his wife.


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Every marriage has secrets, but it’s the nefarious ones that tear the relationship apart.

There are many secrets husband keep from their wives that, while uncomfortable, may not be extremely damaging to the relationship. Those include fibs about how much money they make, debts they have, their insecurities, and of course how well-endowed they are.

But there are other things that we hide from our spouses that can be very detrimental to the marriage.

Whether it’s a supposedly small lie, or a mammoth one, being dishonest with your spouse can cause a lot of problems. Not only does keeping things from the person you love breed distrust, but it can also bring on other issues like a block in the connection, resentment and a loss of security.


Financial infidelity in a marriage is just as bad or worse than cheating. It might be a secret bank account, a maxed-out credit card, or, in this case, a major purchase that you made unbeknownst to your spouse. The betrayal is just as hurtful as being cheated on and can ruin a family’s financial future.

Marriage is supposed to be about honesty, transparency, communication, and understanding. When it comes to maintaining the trust and the unbreakable bond with your partner, honesty is always the best policy.

What’s the point in joining together for life if you are not comfortable enough to be truthful? If you’re not ready to share who you truly are, perhaps you should remain single.


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