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Woman Says Her Husband Admitted That Their Son 'Is The Worst Part Of His Life'

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A father is shouting at his son

Most parents love their child unconditionally. So, understandably, a mother was shattered when her husband did not feel the same about one of their children.

She shared the heartwrenching moment when her husband had harsh words towards his young son to Reddit's "r/breakingmom" subreddit, described as a place for "Moms only."

The mother, devastated and furious, narrated the heartbreaking situation she found herself in with her husband, who stated that his feelings for their toddler were far worse than anything you could imagine.

The woman says her husband admitted that their son 'is the worst part of his life.'

The mom revealed the shocking incident where her husband told their toddler he was ready to send him away because he was "too [expletive] much." What was his solution? According to her, it was to "ship him off somewhere." Keep in mind that the child in question is only three years old.

man admits his son is the worst part of his lifePhoto: Reddit

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​"I'm not okay," the mother wrote, concluding her brief post. Many people took to the replies to share their grievances with her husband.

"That's awful, OP, so sorry to hear this. Not surprised you're not okay," one person wrote. They then asked whether she had considered ending the relationship given these circumstances.

She responded with transparency about her marital struggles and added that they have another child, who he acts much differently toward. "The relationship has been rocky for a while, primarily because of the way he parents our son (he's very loving to our younger daughter, like a complete 180)," the mother wrote. 

Despite promises from her husband to improve his behavior towards their son, she noted they were back to square one, leaving her feeling devastated and disgusted.

Many people raised concerns about the potential long-term effects on the child. 

"That's really dark. I hope your son doesn't grow up knowing his father feels that way about him," one commenter wrote. 

The woman responded to this comment, conveying deep sadness at possibly witnessing early signs of self-stifling in their little boy just to gain his father's approval. 

man admits his son is the worst part of his lifePhoto: Reddit

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"I refuse to make him live like this," she wrote. Another person hoped for short memory spans at such tender ages, adding, "Hopefully your son is too young too ever remember this."

Unfortunately, according to a May 2023 article from Fatherly, children start forming memories at just two years old. So, likely, their son will remember how his father treated him.

One mother posed a question on GoodTherapy to which a licensed mental health counselor, Sarah Noel, responded. The mother had a partner who didn't love her child. On top of prioritizing her daughter, Noel recommended trying therapy.  

"If he is unwilling to engage in therapy with you, it might be a good idea to engage in your own therapy," Noel wrote.

The solution is not easy and doesn't necessarily have to be a divorce. "There are no easy answers here, and having the support of a therapist could be helpful as you try to set a course for your future," Noel added.

Hopefully, the father can receive the mental help he needs, and, more importantly, that their son is raised in a household that has only love for him.

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