Kris Jenner Tells Kim Kardashian She Could Have Kept Kanye West 'Calm' By Paying More Attention To Him

Kanye's behavior is never Kim's responsibility.

Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner TikTok / Instagram

The Kardashian family is known to have their fair share of drama.

They approach conflicts within their family head-on by airing their grievances on their reality show.

After Kanye West went off on a political rant following his SNL appearance in 2018, Kim Kardashian appeared to be at her wit's end in knowing how to navigate his mental health struggles.

Kris Jenner told Kim Kardashian that she could have kept Kanye West ‘calm’ by paying more attention to him.

In footage that aired in a 2019 episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," Kardashian stated that she doesn’t think SNL will have them back on the show.


Jenner asked Kardashian if Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, “did a rant” during the show — to which Kim replies, “at the end, yes, but the credits were rolling.”

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“Look, I can’t control it,” Kardashian said.


"I just feel like to keep him calm you really need to pay him a little more attention," Jenner responded as Kardashian threw her hands in the air with frustration.

While Khloé Kardashian looked shocked at her mother’s harsh statement, Kim was quick to defend herself.

“Mom, I have a million kids,” she explained. “I have a million jobs.”

“This is all I’ve got,” Kim stated, looking worn out.

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Scott Disick even stepped in to defend Kim Kardashian from her mother's statement.

Scott Disick chimed into the conversation and defended Kim’s position, telling the table, “I feel like you guys are not supportive enough of Kim.”


“There’s nobody more supportive of Kim than me,” Jenner claims, defending herself against the criticism of her daughter she had just made. 

But Disick continued with his verbal assault.

“All of you are like, ‘why don’t you do this, why don’t you do that?’” he said. “Do you guys think that she could do more?”


Jenner took a sip of water and claimed, “I just think he’s expecting more than you’re giving.”

“I don’t have any much more to give,” Kim responded.

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Kris Jenner's reaction to Kanye West's behavior is quick to blame Kim Kardashian for actions she can’t control.

No amount of attention can make someone seek the help they need when going through a mental health crisis.

People most often won’t get help until they’re absolutely ready to do so.

For what it’s worth, most fans seemed to understand that Kim was trying her hardest to navigate an impossibly difficult situation.


“It’s not Kim’s job to keep Kanye from doing things,” one commenter on TikTok wrote. “Kanye is a grown man with his own choices and ideals.”

“His expectations aren’t her responsibility,” claimed another commenter.

Kim kept her cool throughout the conversation, though it seemed clear she was exhausted by the effort of doing so.

In the end, it’s a practice of healthy boundaries to recognize that no amount of attention can keep someone calm, even if Jennerdoesn’t believe that to be true.

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