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Job Applicant Shares Unhinged Text Rant From Employer Who Missed Scheduled Interview

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The do's and don'ts of job interviews for potential employees are often discussed, but the red flags of potential employers are less so. 

One man, however, provided an entertaining example of the difficulties interviewees may come across during their job hunt.

The man shared his experience to Reddit’s “r/antiwork” subreddit, a place where people seek help with personal work struggles.

The man explained that he set up an interview for 2 PM with a potential employer.

“Prospective employer called me at 3 PM when I was unavailable. Rescheduled the interview for 2 PM the next day and still did not call at the scheduled time.”

Instead of apologizing and taking accountability, the employer went on an unhinged text rant.

The interviewee posted the screenshots to the thread, explaining the context behind them.

At first, the encounter starts off tame with the interviewee explaining the situation.

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“It’s past 2 PM and I, unfortunately, have other calls going today so I can’t be waiting for your call again today,” they explain.

The employer is at first apologetic, insisting they’re able to hop on now. 

But things take a quick turn for the worst.

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“It is very unusual for me to not call someone back when they’ve agreed to prompt me with a text,” they explain, further saying that Mondays are “extremely intense” in their business.

The texts begin to sound desperate and almost like they’re gaslighting the interviewee.

“I’m sorry that I’m not measuring up to your standards,” they admitted.

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But somehow, it gets worse.

According to the employer, it’s nobody’s fault but the interviewee’s.

They throw the interviewee’s words back at them, saying that according to them they were “available after 2 PM” and that it was “misleading” for them to not be available right away.

“Congratulations, you win,” they write before the interviewee asks them to stop contacting them.

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Reddit users are collectively confused about how things went so wrong so quickly.

“What’s with the meltdown?” one user asked. “Is that a recruiter? They need to take a day off and unplug — the whole tirade just seems irrational and unnecessary.”

However, according to the thread, the user found out it not only wasn’t a recruiter — it was the business owner.  

But while users are, of course, confused by the situation, one user says they understand what’s happening. 

“Recruiters are apparently in a general meltdown mode right now,” they said.  

“More positions than people and they’re all overloaded. So they’re randomly hitting up as many people as they can for barely fitting positions then ghost or don’t schedule when they get a response because it’s just a mess.”

They further explain that companies in general are treating their recruiters poorly, with extremely poor communication and information that makes their jobs difficult.

While it’s important to sympathize with the recruiter for having to deal with a situation many of us probably aren’t aware of, it was completely unprofessional for them to send message after message like this to the interviewee. 

Hopefully, they can use this as a wake-up call that it’s time for a career change. 

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