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Liza Koshy Rumored To Have A Girlfriend After Mentioning Marriage In Instagram Post With Jenna Willis

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Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy has fans wondering if she has a girlfriend after posting a touching birthday tribute and hinting at marriage plans alongside a series of adorable snaps with personal trainer, Jenna Willis.

The YouTube star left fans guessing if the Instagram was a coming-out post or just a very cozy best friend tribute!

Is Liza Koshy gay?

Koshy has never officially addressed her sexuality to her 17 million YouTube subscribers — or on any other platform for that matter.

Her only public relationship so far has been with ex-boyfriend and fellow YouTuber David Dobrik, who just made his return to the platform after a post-controversy hiatus.

Koshy’s Instagram snap left fans guessing about both her relationship and sexual orientation as she referred to rumored girlfriend Willis as “baby.”

“I can't wait to see you at the end of the aisle one day… I just have no idea which role you'll play,” Koshy cryptically added.

The post comes right in the middle of Pride Month, adding fuel to the coming-out rumors.

However, after rumors started flying, Koshy edited her post to add, "How about my officiant? flower girl? usher? the ridic hot bridesmaid that effortlessly shows up the bride? regardless, you know you'll be there. check your inbox for the paperless e-vite to my non-existent wedding."

Many took the "fix" as Koshy's way of clarifying that the two are simply platonic friends and their love for each other shouldn't be interpreted as anything more.

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Why did Liza Koshy and David Dobrik break up?

Koshy appears to have remained single since breaking up with Dobrik in 2018.

Though the cause of their breakup remains somewhat unclear, in a since-deleted video the two made together, Koshy implied that she was grappling with issues related to her mental health and self-love.

“One of us is going through some stuff,” she said through tears, after which Dobrik added, “I think we know which one of us is going through some stuff.”

Koshy stated that she was struggling to love herself and needed time out of their relationship to focus on figuring that out.

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Who is Liza Koshy’s rumored girlfriend, Jenna Willis?

Jenna Willis is a fitness instructor and actor.

According to Willis’ website, she is a New Jersey-born fitness instructor who has been living and working in Los Angeles as an actor for eight years.

With over 83,000 Instagram followers, Willis has made a name for herself as a celebrity fitness instructor in California.

Willis and Koshy have been friends for years.

Whether these two are just friends or something more, their bond is super cute!

A scroll back through Koshy and Willis’ Instagram accounts will show you that these two have been hanging out for several years, posting fitness videos and best friend snaps.

If the rumors are to be believed, it's not clear when these two started dating.

Willis posted a snap for Koshy’s birthday in March with the caption, “To all the sunrises and sunsets we have ahead.”

However, she also hashtagged it “bestfriends” alongside the snap, so it could be exactly that and nothing more.

Willis is friends with the "Vlog Squad."

Willis and Koshy appear to have some mutual friends in Koshy’s ex-boyfriend’s besties.

Willis has been featured in a video made by Jeff Wittek, a member of Dobrik’s “Vlog Squad,” offering fitness advice to some other members of the squad.

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