Husband Claims That He 'Removed All Clocks' From His House So That His Wife Will Have To Rely On Him To Know The Time

His use of religion to enforce misogyny has sparked a slew of backlash.

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A husband took to Twitter where he was heavily criticized for revealing how he gets his wife to rely on him more. Gary M. Parcel, a theologian and host of the podcast "Men Must Lead," claims to follow a rigid moral code that includes outdated gender norms and the removal of clocks.

He removed all clocks from his house so his wife has to rely on him to know the time.

In his tweet, Marcel explained that both he and his wife have removed all of the clocks in their home so that she no longer has a perception of time and would therefore need to turn to him to know what time of day it is.


"I have one watch that I wear, so I can continue to tell time. She can ask me the time whenever, but it grows her reliance on me as the head and the husband to keep her and the family in order," he proudly stated. 

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As many people alluded to in the replies to Marcel's tweet, this type of behavior borders on being both abusive and misogynistic.

Marcel created a situation where his wife would have to be dependent on him for something as fundamental as knowing the time. It's a manipulation tactic that will only isolate her from a sense of independence and autonomy.

Marcel's entire social media page along with his identity have been called into question, with many people agreeing that his account is simply not run by an actual human being. Some people even pointed out that his podcast and book titles listed in his bio are nonexistent.

Whether or not Marcel is real, his opinions and tweets have garnered reactions from other Twitter pages who agree with his archaic ideologies, which seems to be the problem.


In another tweet, Marcel claimed that the only thing "Christian ladies" should be burning are their sports bras: "The only bras that Christian ladies should be burning, are sports bras. These garments conjure sapphic wailings, as they bind the chests of our women, to dissuade them from femininity. Husbands. Be on guard."

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Marcel's assertion that sports bras "dissuade women from feminity" does nothing but exhibit a narrow understanding of women's freedom to choose. Such opinions contribute to harmful stereotypes and outdated gender expectations.


His misguided interpretation of Christianity is used as an excuse to encourage misogyny.

In some of his other tweets, Marcel even encourages other husbands to "embrace the patriarchy" while their wives are encouraged to "submit" and perform their expected "household duties." Parcel's statements and actions reflect a troubling misuse of religious beliefs to justify control over women.

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His encouragement not only undermines the progress that has been made toward gender equality, but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes and divisions within relationships. His own admittance that he deliberately removed all of the clocks from his home shows how little he views the importance of women having their own independence away from their husbands and families.

In response to Marcel's tweet, many people were against his beliefs and claimed that this type of behavior goes against the fundamental values of Christianity.


"This is not Biblical headship, this is the kind of hyper-control that signals abuse. There is nothing Biblical about removing personal agency from your wife," one person wrote.

Another Twitter user added, "On your own admission, you are increasing your wife’s reliance on you and therefore restricting her freedom."

"You also consider that your wife is not equal to you and therefore you can decide how she ought to behave. This is neither normal nor acceptable."


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