Hairdresser Cuts Braids Out Of Unhappy Customer's Head After She Refuses To Pay For Her Hairstyle Until Later

The customer told the hairdresser that she would be "paying from the car."

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After a client refused to pay her hairdresser after she was unhappy with the result, the hairdresser decided to take extreme measures to ensure that her client would pay the price in another way. 

Her actions have some people applauding her while others disagree. 

The hairdresser cut braids out of the customer’s head after she refused to pay since she was not impressed with the end result. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 3 million times, hair stylist Miya (@thicka–miya) revealed what happened to one of her customers after she refused to pay for her hairstyle. The video depicts Miya cutting off the client’s braids while the client reports her actions on the phone to an unidentified person. 


“Since b–---es don’t want to f–--in play & think they gonna run off w/o paying here, I am cutting the new style I just did out of her f–--in head,” Miya wrote in the text overlay of her video. “IDGAF what anybody thinks, this b–--h was trying to play w/me talking about how I’m gonna pay in the car. She did this s-–t in front of her daughter.” 

The client had allegedly told Miya that she would not be paying for her hairstyle in the salon, but rather in the car using CashApp. Although, Miya claims that she quickly caught on to the fact that her client was lying and refused to let her walk out with her new hairstyle. 




She shared that her actions are something she would do again should she find herself in a similar situation again. 

Miya posted two follow-up videos providing her viewers with a more detailed story of how everything went down. 

According to her, the client had booked an appointment with her to get braids done in her hair. She sent Miya a photo of the specific style she wanted to get beforehand so that she could get a price estimate. Miya informed her that the total would be $225. 


Miya says that she was especially gracious toward the client since she allowed her young daughter to stay for the appointment despite no children being allowed in the salon, and still provided her service even after the client arrived 20 minutes late to her appointment. 



As Miya was completing her client’s braids, the client’s cell phone battery died. Since she planned on paying via CashApp, Miya hooked up the cell phone to a charger so that the transaction could be completed. 

However, once she had finished the client’s hair, the client argued that it was not the style she asked for, despite the same one being demonstrated in the photo she had sent to Miya. 


Miya informed her client that if she was not pleased with the result, she could make another appointment in order to get a new style. She added that this particular client had made the same complaint the previous time she was at the salon. 

The client told Miya that the hairstyle was “not worth the price” and attempted to negotiate the price to $150 instead of $225. However, Miya refused, pointing out that the style she provided for the client was better than the one in the photo she had sent and that she had to pay full price. 

It was then that Miya realized that the customer was likely never planning on paying her since she allowed her phone to die in the salon, preventing her from using CashApp. 

Since the client was refusing to pay Miya for her service, she gave her an ultimatum. “Pay me $225 or I’m cutting this s–-t out of your f–--ing head,” she warned the client. 


The customer claimed that she would pay Miya 'from her car.' 

After giving her multiple chances, the client claimed that she would pay Miya “from the car.” This prompted Miya to follow her to the front door and proceed to cut off her braids. 

The customer called an unknown person to report that she was being “threatened” with scissors and that she “feared for her life.” 



Miya claimed that while she did not cut her client’s actual hair, she severed all of the braids that she had added to her head. 


Some TikTok users agreed with Miya and praised her for how she handled the situation. 

“Good for you!!! I would have cut it shorter,” one user commented. “How dare she waste your time and energy like that that is ridiculous,” another user wrote. 

“I don't understand the logic of those who get their hair done and plan not to pay. What do they think is gonna happen?” another user pointed out. 


However, others believed that Miya’s price range for braids was unreasonable. 

“$225 for 16 braids is crazy,” one user wrote. “$225????! And you put rubber bands in it?! I would’ve run off too,” another user added. 

Despite the price, the client was well aware of what her total would be before she even set foot into the salon. If she disagreed, she could have taken her business elsewhere. 

Even the client was not pleased with the style, a business is a business and she was expected to pay the full price that she initially agreed to. 

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