Guy Complains That Nobody In His Life Cares That He Got A PhD — But Others Say It's Not His Family's Job To Celebrate His Accomplishments

We all strive to hear the people closest to us say they're proud.

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Congratulations! You’ve spent maybe the last five to seven years in school and achieved the highest feat in education: a Ph.D.! It’s time to share that shiny piece of paper with all of your friends and family, and celebrate your big accomplishment.

Unfortunately, for one man, he didn’t receive the same kind of reaction. Instead, he was fairly disappointed with the way everyone treated him after all was said in done, leading him to make a post ranting about the lack of enthusiasm on Reddit.


The man is disappointed that ‘nobody seems to care’ that he got a Ph.D.

“I just got an email the other day confirming that my thesis had been approved,” the man wrote, which is surely a time for celebration! “I had defended my thesis last year and passed with some revisions required. Last month I resubmitted with revisions made, and since then I'd been waiting to hear back from the examiners. Well, I did, and I passed.”

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When reaching any sort of milestone in life, it always feels sweeter when you’re able to share it with others. Friends and family members are often looked to when it comes to feeling a certain level of validation and pride — naturally, it feels good when other people are happy for you.

But to this man, the people closest to him didn’t seem to care. “My parents invited some friends and relatives over for dinner, but everyone pretty much ignored me and no one asked anything about my research, or even about what I planned to do next. It was just like it was all just a convenient excuse for a family reunion,” he said.

He talked about how difficult his journey was and how he truly never believed he would get to that point. He had probably hoped that his family would share in the relief that his struggle had not been for nothing — but instead, that’s what they gave him.


“The people who attended didn't even seem to get what a Ph.D. was, or that that was the degree I have attained,” he explained. “One of them seriously asked if I was going to continue studying, to which I had to explain that that's not possible since I now have the highest degree one can get.”

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Some people told the man that it wasn’t his family’s job to celebrate.

On Reddit, people were kind to the man in letting him know that the responsibility doesn’t fall on his family — on Twitter, not so much. Either way, most people were on the same page that he did it for himself and should be proud of himself.

In response to someone who said, “You did it for you. [expletive] them. (Not literally!) Congratulations, doctor!” he responded, “Thank you.”


“I know I must sound really self-absorbed,” he added. “Truthfully I [have struggled] with depression since many years back and some of it has to do with my family. I don't expect anyone to worship me but some [expletive] recognition would have been nice.”

The not-so-nice comment on Twitter came from a man who sarcastically said, “Redditor's first day in the real world,” showing a complete lack of compassion for human beings. Another user replied back, saying “man, I hope that's not the ‘real world’ for most people. People in your family should go nuts when you achieve big things.”

He actually places the blame on his family members for not having a more excited reaction, because, let’s be honest, they should! That kind of connection and care is important, especially when it comes to family.

However, people should cut them some slack as it may seem as though the family of the man who made the original post doesn’t actually know the weight of a Ph.D.


Either way, this man should celebrate his amazing accomplishment and celebrate, even if it's by himself.

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