Self-Proclaimed ‘Honest Guy’ Breaks Up With A Woman Because She Likes Taylor Swift — ‘It’s Genuinely A Dealbreaker’

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

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A self-proclaimed “honest guy” proved that he is most likely the smallest man who ever lived for the way he called it off with a potential romantic partner.

According to the man, there was one dealbreaker with the woman he was dating that he just couldn’t get past — but she was the one who dodged a bullet.

The man broke up with a woman he was dating because she was a Taylor Swift fan.

In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 50,000 times, the woman, who goes by Rach, shared a screenshot of the text message she received from the man halting any future dates and shutting down the possibility of a relationship between the two.


The man claimed that he could not get over the woman’s interest in mega, world-known pop star Taylor Swift.

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“Alright, I told you I was an honest guy, so I’ll be honest. I’m not sure this is gonna work out. I know it’s dumb, but genuinely it’s a dealbreaker for me with the Taylor Swift thing,” he wrote.

“Don’t feel like you need to respond if you don’t want to, 'cause I know it’s a petty reason but it’s a real thing for me. Hope you have a good rest of your day and good luck with the dating.”

However, the woman did, in fact, choose to respond to the man. 

“Wtf, ok, weirdo,” she wrote to him.

The woman claimed that she only mentioned Taylor Swift once, telling the man that she simply liked her as a singer. 

Luckily, most people quickly realized that the woman was not the problem.


“This is the biggest red flag,” one TikTok user commented.

“He’s a real [expletive] for sure. Thank God he showed his true colors early. Congrats on getting away,” another user wrote.

Taylor Swift seems to be a dealbreaker for some men in relationships, and many of us may ask why. But for them, their hatred for the singer extends far beyond simply not liking her music.

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The difficult truth is that some men cannot stand Swift because of her success and how they believe she built it. 

Some men (most of whom dislike the idea of a strong-willed female) argue that most of Swift’s songs relate to bashing her exes. They take this as a personal attack, believing that Swift is putting all men under the same umbrella.

Other men despise Swift due to her success level and the fact that more people are attending her concerts than football games. In their world, a woman cannot receive more critical acclaim than a man (and since she writes her own music, her success cannot be attributed to any men in the music industry).

Since nothing Swift does appears to help men — from her persona to her music to her image — some men have decided that it is only right to hate her and cut ties with anyone who is a fan.


It would be one thing if your romantic partner was constantly obsessing over Swift, leaving no room to talk about anything else in the relationship.

However, most women who are fond of Swift simply appreciate her as an artist. Her music likely resonates with them, especially if they have ever had to deal with a man like the one who sent that text message.

Hating Taylor Swift without even knowing her personally is nothing to be proud of being “honest” about, nor is it noble to break up with someone if they like her.


It is one thing not to particularly care for her music, but it is another to despise a woman who is independent, successful, and fearless.

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