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Groom Wonders If He's Wrong For Asking His Wife To Kick Her Adult Actress Friend Out Of Bridal Party

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Groom Wonders If He's Wrong For Asking His Wife To Kick Her Adult Actress Friend Out Of Bridal Party

Everyone has heard the saying “what’s in the past can’t hurt you” at least once in their lives.

While that may be true in a literal sense, the actions that one took previously can take a toll on them long after they happened.

Now with the Internet so readily available, it’s easier than ever for people to hold what someone did in the past against them, regardless of how much they’ve changed since then and if it’s justified or not.

Loved ones should be able to put the past aside and show you unconditional compassion no matter what happened before, but that isn’t a luxury everyone has.

A man on Reddit banned one of his fiancee’s bridesmaids, who is an adult actress, from her wedding party.

He posted his perspective of the story to the subreddit r/AmItheA**hole, a subreddit where people can go to get outside opinions on their moral dilemmas.

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The man says his fiancee used to work “adjacent” to the adult film industry, and one of her closest connections from that time happens to be a well-known adult actress.

“Like I’m not going to say either her real name or stage name because she could be found very easily,” the man wrote. “Her face is also very recognizable to the point where if we go out to eat with her she will inevitably be asked for an autograph.”

He has no problem with her occupation, but his strongly religious family does.

His mother, who is paying for the wedding, is so religious that she wouldn’t attend the wedding if it wasn’t held in a chapel, and most of the family feels the same.

He wanted to avoid any drama that could arise from his family finding out and asked his fiancee to not have her as a bridesmaid.

“I’m sure other guys there will have seen her videos too, and if something gets mentioned or pointed out it could cause so much drama that I really don’t want to deal with on the wedding day,” the man wrote.

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“I also don’t want attention to be taken off the woman I’m marrying because half the people there have seen one of the bridesmaids banging 6 guys at once.”

She refused the request, not wanting to exclude one of her closest friends to please her future in-laws.

He believed that she “owed him one” because she previously rejected one of his groomsmen for cheating on a member of the bridal party, but she still believed his request was unreasonable. The two are now in a stalemate.

Many agreed that the man was in the wrong, making him the a**hole.

Some honed in on the hypocrisy he and his family showed by wanting to have a cheating groomsman, but not the adult-actress bridesmaid.

“Your family is deeply religious, but you were going to have a cheating groomsman?” the top commenter wrote. “How does that work?”

Others pointed out that if his family is as pure as they claim, then they shouldn’t recognize her from her job.

“If your family is oh-so-righteously religious, how is it possible any of them know what her work is?” another top commenter wrote.

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