Woman Claims That The 'Grandma Theory' Will Tell You More About A Man Than His Zodiac Sign

Asking for his birth chart is out!

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Over the last few years, the realm of modern dating has changed exponentially, and if there's one thing many people want, it's to be able to weed out the ones who aren't a match.

Thankfully, a content creator named Kate Swisher explained the best way that women can tell if a man is right for them, and it doesn't have anything to do with their zodiac sign.

She shared how to use the 'grandma theory' to tell if someone is going to be a good match.

"If you start dating a new guy, don't worry about their zodiac sign or their Enneagram number or their moon phase. All you need to do is ask them, 'What do you call your grandmother?'" Swisher advised at the start of her video.


She explained that this, which she dubs as being the "grandma theory," can actually tell a lot about a man and the relationship he has with his grandmother.



Going down the list of possible answers, Swisher provided exactly what kind of personality a man will have based on what he calls his grandmother, and what he might be expecting from a romantic relationship.


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"If they had a Gigi, they'll have high expectations for gifts because Gigi won't let you sit on her white couch but she will make up for her emotional unavailability with extremely good presents," Swisher claimed. "If they had a Nana, they're probably intellectual, like they probably love to read because Nana won't babysit unless she's asked two weeks in advance but she shows up on time, she reads really good bedtime stories."

Swisher claimed that women should be on the lookout for men who call their grandma 'Mamaw' or 'Meemaw.'

Swisher continued, saying that if you like to cook and are pretty good at it, then you should never date a man who called his grandmother 'Mamaw,' because no matter what you cook for him, it'll never be better than hers. 

"If you date a guy with a Meemaw, first you're gonna have to clarify his whereabouts on January 6th, but once you've got that out of the way, he's definitely gonna have issues with his parents because Meemaw didn't care if the grandkids were dropped off for three weeks," she said.


If a man simply calls his grandma just that, grandma, then Swisher predicts that you're going into the relationship blind and you will have no idea what you're getting into. It could go either way, according to Swisher, who said that his grandmother is probably really chill in this instance, or she should be a piece of work who causes drama in the family.

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But if he calls his grandma by her name, like Grandma Susie, then you're most likely safe. "Just make sure you have a really good Christmas cookie recipe 'cause you're gonna need to impress her," Swisher informed viewers.

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While a man's relationship with his family can greatly impact how he views not only romantic relationships but even platonic ones, it doesn't necessarily dictate the success or failure of him as a potential partner. 

Families are diverse and multifaceted, and some men often break free from patterns and traditions that they may have noticed while growing up, evolving into unique individuals with distinct perspectives on love and commitment that differ from their family.

Swisher's video is meant to be a humorous take on the opposite of trying to figure out a man's zodiac sign, and just like zodiac signs, other things should be taken into account when determining if someone is going to be a good match for you or not.


Whether it's Gigi, Nana, Mamaw, Meemaw, or simply Grandma, we should still approach the idea of burgeoning love with a spirit of curiosity, and embrace all of the unpredictability that each unique connection might bring.

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