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Woman's Friend Sold Their $200 Taylor Swift Tickets For $2,900 Without Asking Permission

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Olivia on TikTok, Taylor Swift

A 23-year-old woman named Olivia had plans to see Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in New Jersey, but her friend sold their tickets to make a profit.

The highly coveted tickets have been the source of much debate due to their staggering price but Olivia's friend seized an opportunity to make their money back — and then some.

Olivia’s friend bought $200 tickets to the Eras Tour, then sold them for $2,900 without telling her.

Olivia posted a POV TikTok, stating, “My ‘friend’ sold MY $200 Taylor ticket to the MetLife 5/28 show (without telling me) on StubHub for $2,900 so I am now without a ticket and the money. Will be throwing my friendship bracelets and outfit I made in the garbage.”

 Photo: TikTok

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She received over 1,000 comments on her post, many of which exclaimed that she should take her now-former friend to small claims court in order to get reimbursed for the price of the ticket. In a follow-up video to her original TikTok, Olivia explained the details of what happened between them.



She offered some backstory to their friendship, explaining, “This has been a friend of mine basically my whole life. I’ve known her since the 3rd grade, and we’re 23 now.”

“Last year, I invited her to a Harry Styles concert; I bought two tickets. She knew that her ticket wasn’t a gift, I was expecting her to pay for it, just because we are so young, I don’t myself have the funds to gift someone a ticket. So, she never paid me for that ticket, but she invited me to this concert.”

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Olivia said the Harry Styles tickets were around the same cost as the Taylor Swift tickets her friend offered her, which led her to assume they’d settled their debts.

“The price of the Harry ticket was like, $200, and the price that she paid for Taylor was like, $200, so even if, let’s say she Venmoed me $200 for the Harry, I would have Venmoed her back the $200 for the Taylor Swift. So people asking, ‘Did I pay for the ticket?’ yes, I did.”

Olivia stated, “When she contacted me telling me she had Taylor tickets, and she was looking for me to go, the very first thing I said was, ‘Are you sure? Like, are you positive that you’re taking me, you’re not back out, you’re not going to invite anyone else,’ because I’ve had this issue in the past, and I don’t want it to happen again, I don’t want to get all excited for something, and that won’t happen.”

She gave extra context to their friendship, describing her friend as someone who’s “always been incredibly flaky, will ghost you when you have plans, will change plans, something better will come along, so that’s why I was so anxious when she asked me… I was like, ‘I need you to reassure me,’ and I was given the reassurance countless times.”

Olivia texted her about how excited she was to see Taylor Swift in concert, and “that same day, she texted me that she’d posted the tickets on StubHub, and they sold for $2,900 each. So this meant she was making over 5 grand in profit.”

“Were the tickets ever legally mine? No. Morally, ethically, the principle of it, emotionally? The ticket was mine.” Olivia said the worst part of the whole experience was the lack of communication between her and her friend.

“She didn’t tell me prior to listing the tickets, she only told me once the tickets had sold. I just feel like this whole thing could have been avoided if she called me and had a conversation with me, and we came to a solution or some kind of understanding together.”

Olivia’s Eras Tour saga ended happily— she was able to see Taylor play live, after all.

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“I decided to cave and buy an expensive resale ticket," she stated in another TikTok. "This experience means more to me than money that comes and goes.”



In a post captioned, “Eras Tour Review,” Olivia filmed herself after seeing the concert. She sat in “an obstructed view on the side of the stage, but being there meant so much to me, I could cry.”



She ended her concert review by stating, “Just to be transparent on pricing, all in, with the ticket to the show, the merch, the drinks that I bought, and the Ubers, it was around $2,500.”

Olivia appears to have lost a friendship due to lack of communication, but she gained an unforgettable Eras experience, which was worth the cost to her.

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