Every Hot Girl Has Stomach Issues, According To Gen-Z

You're a hot girl if you have stomach issues.

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What started as an innocent trend on Twitter and TikTok has turned into a widespread Gen Z theory — hot girls have stomach issues.

Hot Girl Summer is for everyone, especially the girlies and guys who have stomach issues like IBS, Crohn’s disease, dyspepsia, or any other or gastrointestinal disorders or discomfort. 

Surprisingly, it seems like lots of girls who are conventionally attractive don't come without some sort of stomach issue, and of course, their favorite food is Pepto Bismol and tums tablets.


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Why do hot girls have stomach issues?

Well, scientifically speaking, there's no actual evidence to say that hot girls have stomach issues because there's no evidence to say that anyone is "hot."


It's not just girls with stomach issues that are hot — everyone can be a hot girl and even a stomach ache shouldn't slow you down!

What's great about saying hot girls have stomach problems is that Gen Z girls are taking ownership of their body issues and insecurities in a positive way. 

You can look and feel hot even if you eat gluten or dairy when you're not supposed to and you can feel hot even when your vulnerabilities are very apparent. 

Gen Z is redefining insecurities.

Claiming IBS and other gastrointestinal issues as a declaration of our hotness, even if that may be gross to others, is a way to redefine the way we see ourselves.

In a way, this is also important for informing Gen Z girls and guys about actually getting bloodwork done and going to the doctor if your stomach problems are causing you pain.


In some cases it can be serious, and hot girls do not want to be hospitalized

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We see this too with other sorts of insecurities and problems that young Gen Z girls might have seen in the past that would be considered bad are now just hot girl things. Got acne or stretch marks? Congrats, you're still a hot girl.

Anyone can be a hot girl in Gen Z. 

Some might think this is self-absorption calling yourself a hot girl when in fact it's actually very empowering to call yourself a hot girl if you have body problems and in this case stomach issues.

Gen Z taking ownership of their bodies on platforms like TikTok to help others feel seen and relate to their problems. That way everyone feels less alone and more empowered! 


A trend like hot girls having stomach issues is important as we are not going to hate on ourselves for something we can't change.

It also might be surprising to others but, according to the American Physiological Society, those who are assigned female at birth, often experience IBS and other gastrointestinal issues more than those assigned males at birth because of sex-related features in the brain.


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Gen Z girls are finding that if their problems are made into "hot girl problems" that they feel less overwhelmed or insecure.

It's also nice to know that no one is perfect and remind others that you can still be hot and sexy with IBS.

Being a hot girl is all about confidence and creating and defining what a hot girl is to you, and these problems like stomach issues are often invisible so they don't affect your ability to look "hot."


Even though having stomach problems isn't glamorous, being a hot girl who admits to having stomach problems is glamorous — even if it doesn't feel like it. 

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