Pizza Delivery Driver Criticizes Customer For Placing Delivery Order Instead Of Picking It Up Herself

She even gave a tip!

A woman receives a pizza delivery @erica.bk11 / TikTok

A recent incident involving a Domino's delivery driver and a customer has sparked an online debate about the "appropriate" reasons for using the convenient delivery service that many food services offer.

Ercina Rodriguez, who shared her experience on the video-sharing app TikTok, showed the Ring footage of her delivery driver questioning her about why she chose to order food instead of picking it up herself. 


The delivery driver criticized a customer for placing a delivery order instead of picking it up.

In her video post with text overlaying it, Rodriguez wrote, "I ordered dominos and the delivery driver had the nerve to ask me why I had my food delivered if I can just go pick it up."

The footage from Rodriguez's Ring camera captured the conversation between her and the Domino's delivery driver. After reading out her order total, the unidentified employee asked Rodriguez a question.

"You know the Domino's is like right there, right?" the driver asked.

"Mhm. Why?" Rodriguez responded.

"Just cause I'm wondering," replied the driver ambiguously before saying something unintelligible. However, it's clear that the driver was wondering why Rodriguez ordered delivery when the Domino's location was near her house.


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Rodriguez was quick to respond to the driver's intentions.

"Why would I have a delivery?" Rodriguez said, finishing the driver's sentence. "I don't see why I should have to explain myself to you about why I'm doing a delivery. They pay for that, right? And you got a tip. What more do you want?"


She clarified in the comments that she gave the driver a $9 tip, which is very generous considering the total was $26! The driver stopped the questioning and tried to defend themself.

"I'm just wondering," the driver said. "Well, you know what? That's none of your business," Rodriguez said.

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Ordering food online has become more of a norm than an exception due to various personal and professional reasons or even due to health concerns amid pandemic times. So, to many viewers, the inquiry from a service provider seemed intrusive and uncalled for.

Many people shared their own experiences as drivers making short-distance deliveries and why there should be no reason to complain!


"Used to drive delivery for [a] Thai restaurant. My favorite was the apartment next door I'd walk to — Got tip for 5 min trip," one person wrote. "I wouldn't complain; that's the easiest delivery to have!!!" another person added.

This situation opens up a wider conversation about respecting people's choices.

Like countless others, this interaction between the driver and Rodriguez reminds us of the importance of respect. It's impossible to know each person's personal situation, and frankly, it's really none of our business.

In this situation, some people might have a disability that makes it difficult to leave home or might be recovering from something, and in the post-pandemic world, more people than ever are working from home. Food delivery, even when the restaurant is a short way away, makes sense for a lot of people. Parents at home with their kids may also find it easier to order delivery than loading kids into the car just to drive down the street.


Ultimately, both the business and delivery driver were paid for their service which is all that should matter to this driver, and it's not anyone's place to judge someone else's innocuous decisions.

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