Dad Shares His Son's Funny Comeback When Another Kid Says Boys Can't Wear Nail Polish

Boys and girls can wear whatever they want, end of sentence.

young boy wearing a football jersey and nail polish @daddyfiles / TikTok

A man named Aaron describes himself in his TikTok bio as a “husband [and] dad of 3 boys.” He’s also a writer and self-proclaimed “Boston sports nut,” yet it’s his emotionally affirming parenting that’s winning him online acclaim.

The dad shared his son’s sweet, funny comeback when another kid told him that boys can’t wear nail polish.

Aaron filmed his son, Tommy, standing by the stairs in front of their home, dressed in a navy blue football jersey, his helmet and pads on lying by his feet. 


“Let’s see ‘em,” Aaron encouraged his son, who smiled slightly and lifted his hands up to the camera to show off his nails, which were painted a dark, iridescent shade of blue. Tommy wiggled his fingers, showing off his manicure.



“Looking good, bud,” his dad exclaimed, before asking, “What happened at football today?”


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Tommy shifted from one foot to the other, then launched into his story. He told his dad that “someone's mom told their kid girls can only wear nail polish.” Aaron responded by laughing and proclaiming, “That’s ridiculous, right?”

“Yeah,” Tommy answered, and then his dad asked what his response to the bully's comment was.

“I said, ‘your mom’s only mad ‘cause I got more taste than you,’” Tommy replied, and his dad laughed even harder.

“Nice job, buddy,” Aaron told Tommy, who smiled proudly as his dad affirmed both his quick comeback and his chosen mode of self-expression. Aaron then turned the camera around to record himself, giving wise and supportive parental guidance to anyone who might have been watching his feed.


Photo: Ron Lach / Pexels 

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“Anyone can wear nail polish,” he exclaimed. “Even football players, even baseball players, anybody. Let’s knock off the c--–.”

The dad's video offers a window into how confident kids can become when their parents support them without casting judgment.

Ascribing strict gender roles to any form of self-expression causes harm to kids who are figuring out their identities and how they want to present themselves to the world.


Tommy shows that kids can, and do, hold multitudes, and that they shouldn’t allow their personalities to be restricted based on rigid, outdated gender roles that are better off left in a past era. 

Photo: Alexander Grey / Pexels 

Tommy stood up to a kid who insulted him because his father provided him with a base-level of affirmation, love and support that has allowed him to flourish.


Instead of shrinking into his shell, taking off his nail polish and never painting his nails again, Tommy understood that someone else’s opinion of him doesn’t dictate his existence. He didn't back down, and he didn't feel bad for just how great his nails looked — and they did look great.

The loving bond between father and son is evident, along with Aaron’s commitment to undoing traits of toxic masculinity through his day-to-day parenting. The message that Aaron and Tommy send is clear and unwavering: Be who you want to be and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. 

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