A Dad Offers Words Of Wisdom To Young Women & They Are Thanking Him For It — 'You Have No Idea How Much I Needed To Hear This'

He's the father figure that everyone needs.

Man, father @oldfouldude / TikTok 

A man’s advice to younger people on TikTok has gone viral and is motivating many to keep pushing forward even through all of life’s greatest challenges. Some people have even referred to him as “TikTok’s Dad” and utilize his words of wisdom in their everyday life.

The man offered words of encouragement to younger women who are struggling, advising them that they are stronger than they know.

The man, who goes by "Old Foul Dude," is anything but foul. He often takes to the app posting videos where he offers useful life advice, mainly geared toward younger generations and, more specifically, to women. 


In one of his most popular videos, which has gained over 2 million views, the man acknowledges that while life can get rough, it is nothing that anyone is unable to handle. 

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“Hey baby girl,” he addresses viewers as he starts his video. “I know you’re having a rough time. I know you’re tired. I know you want to cry, you want to give in, you want to give up. But that ain’t you.” 


He refers to his younger audience as “healers, homemakers, and hearts” of their families. “Without you, ain’t a damn thing gonna get done,” he reminds them. 

The man says that he is proud of all of the women who go into warrior mode and stand up and fight for their families each day. “You’ve got this,” he shares. “And you don’t got to impress nobody.” 

For those who are having challenges at work, the man reminds them to ignore any negativity and reaffirm why they are there in the first place. “You ain’t there for them, you’re there to draw a paycheck and make a living,” he says. “You ain’t there to make everybody happy, it ain’t your job.” 

While the man realizes that he may sound harsh and straightforward, he only tells the truth. And the truth is no matter how hard life gets, the painful parts will eventually become easier. “I love you and I believe in you,” he says. 


“I know you’re not gonna give up. So when you’re done crying, I want you to pick yourself up, look at yourself in the mirror, and remind yourself who you are. Be your own cheerleader.” 

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The man’s words had a profound impact on many viewers. They took the time to let him know how he had turned their day around.

“For a second there, I felt like I was your daughter. Thank you, I needed to hear this!” one user commented. “Thanks, for this momma feel like she is done... tired of being the pillar and having no support,” another user shared. 

Others revealed that they had lost their own fathers, and listening to the man’s words of wisdom was especially comforting.


“Needed that, my dad walked away when I was younger, haven’t seen him in years... wish I had a father figure to give me these types of pep talks,” one user wrote. “My dad took his life a year and a half ago... I needed this so much today. Thank you,” another user shared. 

There are an estimated 264 million people worldwide who suffer from stress and anxiety. Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. 

Encouraging words can help counteract the negative thoughts that come with anxiety and instill a sense of belief in one's abilities. By highlighting their strengths and acknowledging their accomplishments, encouragement can help individuals regain confidence in their capabilities, empowering them to face their anxiety with a more positive mindset. 


This man may not even realize that by simply posting a TikTok video offering advice, he established a positive and supportive space for those who need it most. 

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