Unhappy Customer Slams Coffee Shop For Charging Her An Extra Dollar After She Ordered Her Drink With No Ice

She deemed the charge as unnecessary, however other people argued that it was reasonable.

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A woman ordering her morning coffee in a drive-thru was stunned after she noticed a questionable additional charge on the receipt.

She went online to bash the unidentified coffee shop in Seattle — however, many people disagreed and believed that the extra charge was reasonable. 

The woman was charged an extra dollar since she ordered her coffee with no ice. 

In a TikTok video that has received over 13,000 likes, the woman (@breakfastat_tiffany's__) films a portion of her receipt that appears on the drive-thru screen. We can see that she added a fruit infusion, protein powder, and banana to her coffee order, all of which she was charged extra. However, there is another charge listed that she certainly was not expecting. 


Since the woman got her coffee without ice, she was charged an extra dollar. 

“So, you’re gonna charge me $1 for no ice?” she asks aloud as she sits in the drive-thru. She encourages Seattle coffee shops to “do better.” 

“What the heck?! Am I missing something?” she added in the text overlay of the video. 



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Other TikTok users argued that it was justifiable on the coffee shop’s behalf. 

“It makes sense because you’re getting more product with no ice,” one user pointed out. 

“No ice means more product. Smart move on their part. This is chess not checkers,” another user wrote. 

The video was posted just months after rumors circulated that the widely-known coffee chain, Starbucks, would be charging customers extra for refresher drink orders that did not contain any ice or “light ice.” Several baristas and other TikTok users took to the platform to reveal the unconfirmed menu price changes that sent many people into a frenzy. 



After some people declared that they would no longer be using Starbucks as their go-to coffee shop, a representative from the chain disclosed to "Eat This! Not That,” that the claims were false. 


"Starbucks is not making any changes to their ice policy. We don't have anything to share regarding changes to Refreshers beverages,” the representative said. 

Still, this does not mean that other coffee shops will follow the same policy. It is true that drinks that do not contain ice or water will have more bases since there is additional space in a cup that is not being taken up by ice cubes. 

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However, even if the woman and other customers may receive more coffee with no ice, this does not necessarily mean that they wanted or asked for it. 

“It’s like when I order a drink at the bar. I want no ice! That doesn’t mean more booze,” one user commented. 


“This is called ripping people off,” another user noted. 

While coffee shops have the right to charge customers extra for ordering their drinks with no ice, and adding more products to them, many customers may not even realize the additional charge. 

It could be helpful to disclose the extra cost to them before they order or leave a note posted in the drive-thru window and store doors. They may change their minds and opt for a cold coffee if it means they will have to spend less money. 


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