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Couple Signs 'Contract' Before Going Long-Distance 'So If Anything Goes Wrong, You Can Sue Each Other'

Photo: @devonrainmotley / TikTok
Devon Motley, Geren Gathright, LDR contract

Being in a long-distance relationship can be hard for a myriad of reasons, but one couple decided to come up with a way to ensure their relationship despite the miles looming between them.

In a since-deleted TikTok video, Devon Motley showed how she and her boyfriend, Geren Gathright, were finding a solution to becoming long-distance.

The couple wrote and signed a long-distance contract of rules they each have to follow.

Motley started off her video by writing in overlay text: "POV: You and your [boyfriend] write a contract before going into [a] long-distance [relationship] so if anything goes wrong you can sue each other." She joked that both she and Gathright have been watching too much of the drama series "Suits," which led to the idea of the contract in the first place.

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couple creates long-distance contractPhoto: @devonrainmotley / TikTok

From the screenshot of the long-distance contract, both Motley and Gathright, who were moving away from each other, listed a slew of stipulations that they were both required to follow or else either party was liable to be "sued." Some of those stipulations included neither party being able to break up with the other until September 2024 unless there's a breach of one of the violations.

The violations included "sleeping with someone of the opposite sex, having any sexual contact with someone of the opposite sex," as well as communicating with someone of the opposite gender and "sexual innuendos with ill intent."

Other offenses on the contract ranged from neglect and slander, with a limit on how much they could complain about their relationship. The contract also included other conditions such as sharing your location at all times, having to answer any calls from your partner, and keeping in continuous daily contact. 

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couple creates long-distance contractPhoto: @devonrainmotley / TikTok

“All issues with the opposite party are REQUIRED to be brought to the attention of the party in question," the contract stated. “Arguments must result in a resolution, apology, and closing action of affection (long distance will require a gift of some sort to be ordered to each party’s home).”

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After receiving a barrage of comments for Motley to provide an outline of the long-distance contract for them to use, she ended up creating her own store with an editable Word document for $5.99 and a digital PDF form for $0.99.

Couples in long-distance relationships must use effective communication and have trust for things to work.

The response to Motley's long-distance contract was mixed, with some viewers finding it useful and others accusing the couple of not trusting each other if they were writing down detailed offenses they didn't want the other to do.

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Every relationship is different, and for some couples, coming up with a contract might ease their worries about being long-distance, while for others, something like that would cause more harm than good. Either way, there's no right way to go about navigating a long-distance relationship, as they are incredibly difficult.

According to data acquired by the dating and relationship blog, 2Date4Love, they found that the success rate of a long-distance relationship is 58%. On top of that, 55% of people in long-distance relationships worry that their partner will meet someone else.

In the end, what matters most is that couples put in the effort, trust each other, and talk openly. So, if you're in a long-distance relationship, remember that it's perfectly okay to find the path that works for you and your partner, because no matter what, love has a way of finding its own route, even with the distance!

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